Math for All – AGC in Math

        STAAR – Modified is going away. What does that mean for my students in math next year? In this workshop you will learn how to accommodate and modify instruction in the math classroom. Develop a plan for preparing all your students for higher expectations. Hands-on experiences will be provided to show […]

STAAR-Modified ARD Committee Information

This morning, TEA gave a very brief presentation on the transition away from STAAR-Modified. Below are some key points: The participation requirements for STAAR-Alternate will not change. If students did not meet these requirements in past years they will not meet them in the current. TEA staff has been working on plans for possible additional […]

ELA Reading/Writing Blueprints for 2014 STAAR-M Released

Based on the requirements of House Bill 5, the English I and II reading and writing assessments must be combined into a single English I and II assessment and be administered on one day. The attached chart represents the revised blueprint for the STAAR Modified English test redesign to meet the single-test/single-day requirement: STAARM-Eng-revsd-blueprints-2014. Remember […]

2013 STAAR Assessments Released

Another recent news bulletin from TEA announces the release of STAAR test items from the 2013 assessment. Note that STAAR Modified questions will not be released until 2014, which will also be the final administration of STAAR Modified. From the bulletin: The STAAR Modified assessment is not part of this accelerated release, but will be […]

STAAR-M HB- 5 News Release from TEA

From the News Release: STAAR Modified Program The U.S. Department of Education has informed states that assessments based on modified standards for students served by special education cannot be used for accountability purposes after the 2013–2014 school year. As a result of that federal directive, all STAAR Modified assessments will be administered for the final […]

Accommodations Strategies and Resources

  We hope you all are having fun, safe, refreshing summers so far. As we talk with teachers around the Region, there is a lot of discussion about graphic organizers as mnemonic accommodations for students with learning disabilities. For certain students, blank graphic organizers may also be allowable accommodations on the statewide assessment. Research into […]

STAAR-Modified Side-by-Side Comparisons are Available NOW

We have created a series of documents that allow teachers to compare released test questions on the STAAR-Modified exam with released questions from the regular STAAR exam. These documents are free and available here: The aim of these documents is to provide teachers with a quick, at-a-glance reference to the implementation of the STAAR […]

STAAR Supplemental Aids Project is Open for Submissions

Region 13 is happy to announce that our Supplemental Aids project is again open for submissions. Teachers whose students benefit from the “Supplemental Aids” accommodation may have questions about whether their documents are allowable according to TEA guidelines. They may upload those documents for timely review here: Region 13 specialists will review the documents […]

Social Studies Inclusion in the Age of STAAR

Accessing the General Curriculum in Social Studies: Inclusion in the Age of STAAR Register at eCampus SP1325858 In this workshop we will: · Develop instructional strategies for teachers in inclusive Social Studies classrooms · Analyze STAAR-M questions for modification strategies · Study accommodations available to students with disabilities on Social Studies assessments · Engage in […]

Accessing the General Curriculum in the Content Areas

Region 13 Education Specialists are teaming up to provide you with content area specific special education training. This training will provide you with a comparison of STAAR and STAAR Modified, how to modify assessments to align with STAAR Modified, allowable accommodations on STAAR, and using accommodations in the classroom. This training is for general and special […]

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