2011-2012 Special Education Assessment Options

The upcoming 2011-2012 school year will be a BIG transition year when it comes to statewide assessment options for students receiving special education services.  There will be different assessment options to choose from depending upon the subject area and grade level of the student.

For example, as noted in a previous post, STAAR-Alternate will be the only assessment administered for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities beginning with the 2011-2012 school year. While TAKS, TAKS-Acc and TAKS-M will still be administered to students in grade 10 and 11, TAKS-Alt will NOT be available for 10th and 11th grade students meeting the criteria for the most significant cognitive disabilities.

Students with disabilities, in grades 3-8, will have the following statewide assessment options:  STAAR, STAAR Modified, and STAAR Alternate.

High school students with disabilities, first enrolled in the ninth grade, in 2011-2012, will now take one of the following End-of-Course assessments:  STAAR, STAAR Modfied, and STAAR Alternate.  The End-of-Course (EOC) assessment they need to take is dictated by the course(s) they are enrolled in.  If a ninth grade student with a disability is enrolled in Algebra I, they will have to take the STAAR EOC (STAAR, STAAR Modified, or STAAR Alternate) assessment for that course.  Algebra II, chemistry, and physics are the only courses that will NOT have a STAAR Modified option.

High school students with disabilities, NOT enrolled in the ninth grade, in 2011-2012, will have the following statewide assessment options:  TAKS, TAKS-Acc, TAKS-M, and STAAR Alternate.

High school students repeating the ninth grade in 2011-2012, will still be taking TAKS as their assessment graduation requirement.

The attached document here, is a newly distributed “To the Administrator Addressed” letter from TEA.  Page four has a simple and clear table illustrating all of the assessment options available at each grade level.  You can also access a web-based version of the letter here.

The links below will provide you with further detailed information on the transition to STAAR.
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