ESTAR II – Math Tier 2 training

The Texas Response to Curriculum Focal Points (TXRCFP) was created from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and identifies critical areas for mathematics instruction at each grade level. The initial Elementary-School Students in Texas: Algebra Ready (ESTAR) training informed and familiarized participants with the TXRCFP as a framework for improving overall mathematics instruction and achievement, in order to decrease the percentage of students who need math intervention.

The original ESTAR Academies were designed to further define algebra readiness and discuss the implications for classroom instruction in grades K-4.

NOW AVAILABLE…. The NEW ESTAR II Academies are designed to focus on Tier 2 intervention. Participants experience valuable classroom instructional strategies to support algebra readiness and differentiation for Tier 2 intervention.
The ESTAR II Academy emphasizes research-based Tier II strategies from the IES Practice Guide for Assisting Struggling Students with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools and engages participants in how to identify students needing Tier II support for math and meet their instructional needs. Participants will learn how to interpret results of the ESTAR Universal Screener, use the screener results and other forms of data to make instructional decisions, and provide practical strategies for implementing evidence-based interventions for students receiving Tier II mathematics support.
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Workshop dates May 16th and 17th, or July 15th and 18th, or August 14th and 15th