Differentiation Institute Coming up January 22, 2013

Differentiation For All Learners: Accepting the Challenge
January 22, 2013 9am -4pm
Early Bird Registration extended till December 21st.
J Taylor Education will demonstrate practical, easy-to-use strategies for integrating depth and complexity into the core curriculum.
Get Your Hands Dirty! Design and develop materials that tier curriculum, elicit higher-level thinking, and exceed Standards. Prepare students for the rigorous expectations of STAAR.

To register visit http://ecampus.esc13.net
Log into E-campus and enter Workshop Number SP1323483

For more information, contact:

Janet Newton 512.919.5285 janet.netwon.esc13.txed.net
Nancy Sanchez 512.919.5319 nancy.sanchez@esc13.txed.net