Nonpublic Day School and Residential Application Opening Date Postponed

The opening date for the Nonpublic Day School and Residential application has been postponed until October 5, 2017 due to server issues.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Merrell at or 512-919-5424.

Nonpublic Day School and Residential Application

The 2017-2018 Nonpublic Day School and Residential Application will open on October 1, 2017 and close on June 1, 2018.  An updated PowerPoint will be posted on the TEA website by the end of the week.

If you have questions or need assistance with accessing the application in TEASE, please contact Lori Merrell at 512-919-5424 or




SHARS Reporting Requirement Due October 31., 2017

TEA issued a TAA Letter on September 15, 2017 reminding LEAs of a SHARS Reporting Requirement.  Deadline for submitting report: October 31, 2017.

All LEAs that received IDEA-B grant funding in the 2016–2017 school year must submit the SHARS Reimbursement Report Survey, regardless of whether they received SHARS reimbursements.

Information will be used in the LEA’s calculation of IDEA-B Maintenance of Effort Calculations.

ESC 13 contact:

2017-2018 Significant Expansion of Enrollment–Charters Only

TEA issued a TTAA letter dated September 6, 2017 regarding the possibility of additional funding under IDEA-B. This funding is only available to charter schools.

The letter describes the criteria and the process for submitting data to request consideration.

Timelines: November 1, 2017 for 2017-2018 Funding or November 2, 2017-January 31, 2018 for 2018-2019 funding availability.

Questions? contact




LEA Closures/Start Dates in Regions 2, 3, 4, and 5

The following is the latest list of LEAs with delayed start dates and closures in Regions 2, 3, 4, and 5.  This is by no means a final list and could very easily change.  LEAs in Region 13 could very easily receive students with disabilities from these LEAs.

Region 2

Port Aransas- closed until further notice, perhaps 4-6 weeks

Aransas Pass- closed until further notice, perhaps 4-5 weeks

Aransas County (Rockport)- closed until further notice, perhaps 4-8 weeks

Ingleside- closed until further notice, perhaps 3-4 weeks

Taft-closed, they will try and start classes in 2 weeks or sooner

Region 3

Listed below is a link to the most current spreadsheet on Region 3 district closures – and openings.

Region 4

The superintendent in Columbia Brazoria and thankfully his schools do not have much damage.  However, all of the district is still under mandatory evacuation because of continued flooding and because of water and sewer issues.  They are considering having satellites or maybe a technology solution.

The following schools have enough damage that they will not be opening back for either the semester or in some cases the entire year.  They are:

Cy-Fair ISD (Moore Elementary – Students and staff will be moved to an empty former elementary school building.)

Houston ISD (multiple campuses)

Humble ISD (Kingwood HS – Students will go to school in space at Summer Creek High School)

Klein ISD (Lemm Elementary – Students will go to school in space at Klein Cain High School)

Sheldon ISD (multiple campuses)


Region 5

  • All Saints Episcopal School will make an announcement on Sept. 11.
  • Anahuac ISD: Classes begin Sept. 6
  • Beaumont ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Bob Hopel: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Bridge City ISD: Canceled until further notice
  • Buna ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Burkeville ISD: Classes begin Sept. 5
  • Brookeland ISD: Classes begin Sept. 5
  • Chester ISD: Closed until Monday Sept 4
  • Colmesneil ISD: Classes begin Sept. 6
  • Diocese of Beaumont: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Deweyville ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • East Chambers ISD: Classes begin Sept. 5
  • The Ehrhart School: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Evadale ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Evolution Academy of Beaumont: Closed
  • Harmony Science Academy: Closed for the week. Reopen Tuesday Sept 5
  • Hamshire-Fannett ISD: Closed at least though Sept. 11.  Decision after that pending.
  • Hardin-Jefferson ISD: Will make an announcement on Sept. 7
  • High Island ISD: Closed until Sept 5
  • Hull-Daisetta ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Jasper ISD: Classes begin Sept. 5
  • Kirbyville ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Kountze ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Legacy Christian Academy: Classes expected to begin Sept. 11
  • Liberty ISD: Classes begin Sept. 6
  • Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD: Closed until further notice
  • Lumberton ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Nederland ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11. Staff returning Sept. 8
  • Newton ISD: Closed for the week. Reopen Tuesday Sept 5
  • Orangefield ISD: Closed until further notice
  • Port Neches-Groves ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11 Employees return Sept. 8
  • Port Arthur ISD: Closed until further notice
  • Sabine Pass ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Silsbee ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Spurger ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Tekoa Academy – Port Arthur & Orange: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • Vidor ISD: Closed until further notice
  • Warren ISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • West Hardin County CISD: Classes begin Sept. 11
  • West Orange-Cove CISD: Closed until further notice
  • Woodville ISD: Closed until Sept 5

Sped Guidance for Students Displaced by Hurricane Harvey

Disability Rights Texas has partnered with TXSER to provide a quick resource guide for families of children with disabilities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Information may be found on the TXSER website.  The guidance documents in English and Spanish are attached.

Contact Ann Jinkins for assistance.




Resources for Dealing with Harvey


Several excellent resources developed by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) are available on the TASP website at:

Resources include:


There will also be a needs survey for LSSPs to complete to let TASP know what resources are needed in districts.


Harvey Brings Unique Challenges for Students with Disabilities

See the Disability Scoop article at the link below:

EDGAR Guidance on Non-competitive Procurement with Federal Funds During an Emergency

According to the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), grant recipients who use federal grant funds to procure property and services must follow general procurement standards (2 CFR 200.318). Federal grant recipients must select a procurement method that is most appropriate according to the circumstances involved. The procurement methods available to the federal grant recipient are:

  1. Micro-purchase
  2. Small purchase
  3. Sealed bids
  4. Competitive proposals
  5. Non-competitive proposals (also commonly thought of as ‘sole source’)

One allowable use of a non-competitive procurement is a public exigency or emergency that will not allow for a delay in services, caused by the competitive solicitation process.  In the event of an emergency, such as Hurricane Harvey, a grant recipient may choose to solicit a non-competitive proposal from only one source to avoid delay in procuring items or services (2 CFR 200.320(f)(2)).

Local educational agencies (LEAs) in Texas affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey may need to use the non-competitive proposal method of procurement to quickly purchase needed items or services. When using the non-competitive procurement method, all costs must still be allowable under the specific program.

For example, an LEA that received damage from Hurricane Harvey may need to quickly replace or acquire materials or services that were damaged, destroyed, or lost in the storms.  Also, an LEA receiving a number of evacuated students may need to choose the non-competitive procurement option to more quickly procure needed items or services to be able to serve the unexpected growth in enrollment numbers.

LEAs that determine a need for non-competitive procurement are not required to obtain prior approval from TEA. Local documentation on how the determination was made would be kept locally. However, if the LEA prefers to obtain prior approval from TEA as their documentation for auditors, appropriate forms will be available on the TEA website.

Follow the instructions on the Request for Prior Approval Forms webpage for completing and submitting the appropriate form and reference need created by Hurricane Harvey.

  1. For LEAs located in counties identified in the Governor’s disaster declaration that received damages in the storms, an automatically approved form will be available for downloading. Submission to TEA is not required.

For LEAs outside the counties identified in the Governor’s disaster declaration that enrolled evacuated students from Hurricane Harvey, a prior approval request may be submitted to the Associate Commissioner for Grants Compliance and Oversight. Approvals will be processed within three business days.

HB 657—Notification of Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee’s (ARDC’s) Options Related to Grade Promotion

An update from TEA.

The Agency has received questions stemming from the newly created subsection (i-2) of Section 28.0122 of the Texas Education Code.  In context, the new requirements (represented by the underlined text) are as follows:

(i)         The admission, review, and dismissal committee of a student who participates in a district’s special education program under Subchapter A [B], Chapter 29, and who does not perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument specified under Subsection (a) and administered under Section 39.023(a) or (b) must meet before the student is administered the assessment instrument for the second time.  The committee shall determine:

(1)         the manner in which the student will participate in an accelerated instruction program under this section; and

(2)        whether the student will be promoted in accordance with Subsection (i-1) or retained under this section.

(i-1)       At a meeting of the admission, review, and dismissal committee of a student under Subsection (i), the committee may promote the student to the next grade level if the committee concludes that the student has made sufficient progress in the measurable academic goals contained in the student’s individualized education program developed under Section 29.005. A school district that promotes a student under this subsection is not required to provide an additional opportunity for the student to perform satisfactorily  on the assessment instrument.

(i-2)      Not later than September 1 of each school year, a school district must notify the parent or person standing in parental relation to a student enrolled in the district’s special education program under Subchapter A, Chapter 29, of the options of the admission, review, and dismissal committee under Subsections (i) and (i-1) if the student does not perform satisfactorily on an assessment instrument.

The notice requirement in (i-2) is applicable only to students eligible for special education who are enrolled in the fifth or eighth grade.

Because the statute does not indicate a manner in which local educational agencies (LEAs) must notify parents of the ARDC’s options, each LEA may determine how best to provide the required notification.

If an LEA has not already provided the required notification, it should do so as soon as possible. 



Hurricane Harvey Resources

To support districts across the state in responding to the impact of Hurricane Harvey, TEA has posted Hurricane Harvey resources information and links.

Students who receive special education services may be enrolling in your districts with no records. Receiving districts may have difficulty accessing records to verify eligibility and services through traditional channels in ‘sending’ districts.  Several of the IEP documentation software vendors (SE Manager, eSped, SEAS) have indicated that they will work with receiving districts to access records. With vendors instead of school districts providing confidential information, it will be necessary for parents/guardians to provide consent to release information.

Follow the transfer student procedures identified in the Legal Framework.  The attached Hurricane/Flood Transfer Checklist may be a helpful resource for campus staff.

Hurricane Transfer_Student_8.17

Contact Ann Jinkins for information/support.

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