TED Tips: TEA Transfer of Rights Model Form

TEA has published the model form for use by school districts in notifying students with disabilities and their parents about the transfer of rights at age 18, as required under TEC §29.017. The model form, which is available on the Secondary Transition Guidance page at the TEA website, includes information and resources related to:

  • Transfer of rights at age 18
  • Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship
  • Supported Decision-Making
  • Independent Living

For more information about transition planning in Texas, please contact Elizabeth.Danner@esc13.txed.net

For individuals in districts located outside of Region 13, please contact the Secondary Transition network member for your ESC.

Two Dates Added for 2018 Statewide Federal Grants Training

The Statewide Federal Grants Training being held in Austin on October 4, 2018, is full and no more registrations can be accepted.

Therefore, TEA is offering two additional training dates and locations:

  • October 8, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at ESC Region 17 in Lubbock Register
  • October 12, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at ESC Region 4 in Houston Register

If you have registered for the Austin training, but would prefer to attend one of the other trainings, please send a cancellation email to GrantSupport@tea.texas.gov so that others may register.

Visit TEA’s Training and Other Resources web page for more details.

For questions contact Shirley Sanford at shirley.sanford@esc13.txed.net or 512.919.5375.

Charter 2018-2019 Significant Expanision Data Collection for IDEA-B

TEA TAA Letter September 13, 2013

This letter describes:

  • Criteria defining significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B for charters
  • How open-enrollment charter schools request additional funding due to significant expansion of enrollment

Significant Expansion of Enrollment Criteria for IDEA-B
To claim significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B, the open-enrollment charter school must meet both the following criteria based on the newly-expanded enrollment:

  • A minimum total student enrollment of 50; and
  • At least a 50% increase in the total student enrollment from previously-reported student counts

For example, your open-enrollment charter school would meet the IDEA-B criteria for significant expansion of enrollment if your total student enrollment increased from 250 to 375.

Date of Certified Submission Funding Availability
By November 1, 2018 2018–2019 school year final amounts
November 2, 2018, to January 31, 2019 2019–2020 school year planning amounts

How to Request Access to Enrollment Reporting Form
If the open-enrollment charter school meets the criteria for significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B, email the Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division at compliance@tea.texas.gov with the charter school name, county-district number, and a request that your 2018–2019 SC5050 Request for Federal Funding and Indirect Cost Rate Form (SC5050) be opened in eGrants.

Questions: ESC13 Funding Contact linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

TEA Validation Checks of Data Submitted for Federal Grants

TEA TAA Letter September 13, 2018:

TEA’s Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division will conduct random validations of the self-reported data submitted by LEAs related to fiscal compliance for federal grants. Among others, TEA will spot check:

  • SC5050 Request for Federal Funding and Indirect Cost Rate for Charter Schools
  • Special Education Consolidated Federal Grant Application, Schedule BS6016 – Fiscal Compliance Requirements
  • One of the ways that an LEA demonstrates compliance with fiscal requirements is by establishing a system of accountability for federal grant funds.  The purpose is to ensureLEAs provide reasonable assurance that grant objectives have been meet as required by federal regulations and guidelines.
  • Check the letter more details.

Questions?     ESC13 SPED Funding contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net


2018-2019 Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application

The TEA released the following information regarding the 18-19 Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application process:

The 2018-2019 Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application will open on Monday, September 10, 2018. Local education agencies (LEAs) must submit a notification/application for every student that an admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee determined a nonpublic placement is necessary to provide a free appropriate public education.  LEAs must also update a student’s status in the online system if a student was in a nonpublic placement in 2017-2018 but will not be in a nonpublic placement for any of the 2018-2019 school year.

Attached are the new guidance documents which will be posted on the Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application website.  LEAs are encouraged to review the documents due to TEAL application updates and changes to the submission process.

2018-2019 Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application Updates_E

Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application TEAL Application Guidance_E

Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application Program Guidance_E

Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application Checklist_E

Nonpublic Placement Notification and Application Flowchart_E

Nonpublic Placement Sample Cost Analysis _E

2018-2019 Nonpublic Facilities List_E

Please contact Lori Merrell at lori.merrell@esc13.txed.net if you have questions or need assistance with the process.

Methodology & Expenditures: 2017-2018 Supplemental IDEA-B Funds

TEA posted an errata notice describing the allocation methodology for 2017-2018 IDEA-B Formula and Preschool funding and how supplemental funds awarded through the application may be expended.

Errata # 1

ESC 13 Funding Contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

2016-2017 IDEA-B LEA MOE Final Compliance Reviews Now Available

TEA has posted final Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B (IDEA-B) local educational agency (LEA) maintenance of effort (MOE) compliance reviews for school year 2016–2017 in the GFFC Reports and Data Collections secure application.  To find your final review:

1.    Log on to TEA Login (TEAL).

2.    Select “GFFC Reports and Data Collections.”

3.    Select your LEA’s name or county-district-number (CDN).

4.    From the Report Title drop-down menu, select “IDEA-B LEA MOE Compliance Review” (Date Added is 8/8/2018).

5.    From the School Year drop-down menu, select “2016–2017.”

The final review reflects TEA’s evaluation of LEA responses to the 2016–2017 preliminary IDEA-B LEA MOE compliance review, as described in the April 24, 2018, To The Administrator Addressed letter posted to the TEA Correspondence page.

Noncompliant LEAs

If the final IDEA-B LEA MOE compliance review shows your LEA to be in noncompliance, please wait to send your refund to the agency.  TEA will ask you to return funds in a separate letter, which will include instructions on how to refund the amount due. 

Questions? linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

Validation Alert: Schedule BS6016 Fiscal Compliance–LEA MOE Eligibility

Notice from TEA August 9, 2018

If selected for validation, response required within 2 business days!

The purpose of this bulletin is to notify LEAs applying for the 2018–2019 Special Education Consolidated Grant that TEA will conduct a validation of certain amounts reported on Schedule BS6016–Financial Compliance Requirements.

The Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division will contact a random sample of LEAs to provide documentation, such as general ledgers and budget reports, to support the following amounts reported in the LEA MOE for Eligibility section of the BS6016:

1.    Amount of special education expenditures for the most recent prior year in which complete expenditure data are available and the LEA was in MOE compliance (BS6016 Line 1)

2.    Budget for special education for 2018–2019  (BS6016 Line 2)

The FFCR Division will conduct outreach after applicants submit the 2018–2019 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application. Superintendents and special education directors of selected LEAs will receive an e-mail from compliance@tea.texas.gov with instructions to attach documentation within two business days (TEA will use e-mails listed in the Texas Education Directory, ASKTED).

Questions? linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net



Time & Effort Reporting: Substitute System

In a letter dated August 2, 2018, TEA notified LEAs it is now processing requests to use the Substitute System of Federal Time and Effort Reporting for 2018-2019.

All Texas LEAs, including open-enrollment charter schools, may use the substitute system. TEA encourages LEAs to consider using the substitute system.

Contact your business office for more information.

ESC Contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

IDEA-B Funding Cycles for 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 Grants

Directors have questioned amendment dates and ending dates for the two Special Education Consolidated Grants open this year. Attached is a quick summary of important information pulled from the TEA Grants webpage.

Note that both grants are open for amendments until mid June 2019.

Business managers must distinguish between the revenue and expenditures for the FY18 funds and the FY19 funds. Options might include: different subobjects or local option codes within fiscal year 9 account codes, or two different years, i.e., coding the 2017-2018 grant funds to fiscal year 8 and coding the 2018-2019 to fiscal year 9. Work with your Business Office to see how they will distinguish between the two grant years.

Questions? linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net


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