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SPE 106 Nonpublic Day School Report

In order for local education agencies to receive funding for students who are placed in an approved Nonpublic Day School, the LEAs must submit the Nonpublic Day School Report (SPE 106). The report is in the form of a spreadsheet.  The report is due at the TEA on June 17, 2011. If there are no students […]

TEA Funding Contacts By Region

As of April 21, 2011 there are new  Funding Contacts by Region at the Texas Education Agency for special education  funding.  For ESC Region XIII, the contacts are Kathy Lovett, primary contact and Lori Marquardt, secondary contact and they can be reached at 512-463-9414.

State Assessment Q & A

Question:  May a LEA, as opposed to having an ARD meeting or Conduct an IEP amendment, send a letter home to parents stating that their child will be taking the STAAR-M next year rather than the TAKS-M.  A copy of the letter would be contained in the students eligibility file.  The LEA understands that if […]

TAA Letter: Clarification on Use of IDEA-B Funds

A “To The Administrator Addressed” Letter dated 4.12.11 furnishes guidance and resources to administrators on the use of IDEA-B funds to assist LEAs in maintaining compliance with federal regulations. IDEA-B American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Calculating the Excess Cost Requirement 2010-2011 Reallocation of IDEA-B (Regular)Funds LEA Reducation in Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Waiver for State-Level MOE […]

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