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Disciplinary Data Available in SPEARS

The 2010 Disciplinary Action data are now loaded and available in SPEARS. If you have questions regarding disciplinary data, please contact Albert Felts at or 512.919.5419.

2011 LEA Determinations

The 2011 Local Educational Agency (LEA) Determinations have been made and To the Administrator Addressed Letters with reports will be mailed to superintendents with a copy to the LEA special education Director (see sample letter and sample report) beginning June 20, 2011. “Meets the Requirements” or “Needs Assistance” Determination Levels are considered final. LEAs that receive “Needs […]

Residential Placement Q & A – June 2011

The IDEA Coordination Department at the Texas Education Agency has developed a Residential Placement Question and Answer Documentbased on questions received following the Residential Application Training held June 7, 2011 via TETN. For questions concerning the completion of any part of the application, please contact Linda McDaniel at or 512.919.5225.

SPP 11 and 12 Instructions and FAQ – June 2011

SPP 11 and 12 online application will open July 1, 2011 for data entry for the 2010-2011 school year. See the current SPP 11 Instructions and SPP 12 Instructions and SPP 11 FAQ and SPP 12 FAQ documents for assistance. All LEAs are required to certify their data. LEAs that have no students who meet the […]

2011-2012 Residential Application Packet – Final

TEA has released the application forms needed to apply for approval of a 24-hour residential placement for educational reasons. These procedures must be followed for ALL residential placements, even when additional TEA funds are not needed to cover the costs of the placement. These procedures do not apply to day placements. TEA Powerpoint: Residential Placement Application  6.1.2011 Directions:  2012 […]

Update on Significant Disproportionality

If a local education agency (LEA) is identify as a LEA with significant disproportionality, Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff will notify LEA directors of special education and LEA special education directors will be provided an opportunity to schedule a technical assistance call with TEA.   LEAs identified will receive a letter, report, and methodology and ESCs that have LEAs identified are […]

Update on 2011 Determinations

The Texas Education Agency is finalizing the guidance on the 2011 Determinatons and a To the Administrator Addressed letter that will be mailed to superintendents and special education directors in the next two weeks. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with “meet the requirements” and “need assistance” determination levels are considered final as of the date of the letter. […]

SPE-106 Nonpublic Day School Report

The Nonpublic Day School Report (SPE-106) is due at the TEA on June 17, 2011.  If there are no students to report, submission of the SPE-106 report is not required.  In order for LEAs to receive funding for students who are placed in an approved Nonpublic  Day School the LEAs must submit the Nonpublic Day […]

2011-2012 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application and Funding Team Contacts

The 2011-2012 Special Education Consolidated Grant application and the 2011-2012 IDEA-B Discretionary Deaf Grant application are now available to LEAs through the TEASE system, located at The applications must be submitted to TEA by July 1, 2011, in order for the funds to be effective 7/1/11. Applications submitted after 7/1/11 will be effective the […]

Residential Application Training — TETN #10453, June 7

Training on the 2011-2012 Residential Application process will be provided by the Division of IDEA Coordination via TETN on Tuesday, June 7 from 9:00 am to 10:15 am. This session is open to LEAs. Contact the Region XIII TETN site manager at to access Event # 10453. Questions will not be allowed during the TETN. LEAs may […]

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