Transition = Age 14

SB_1788 changed the age for required transition planning from 16 to 14. Guidance will be shared as soon as it is developed by TEA, but in the mean time here are some things to consider.

What does “effective immediately” mean for schools?

Until the TEA guidance is developed and provided to LEAs,  you might consider including transition planning at the next naturally-occurring ARD meeting for any student who will be turning 14 or 15 by next summer.

Must all the transition requirements be included in an IEP for 13- to 14-year-old students?

TEA is developing guidance related to this question. Information will be posted to this blog as it is received.

Will the SPP Indicator 13 Checklist be updated to reflect the new rules?

Preliminary information from TEA indicates that the checklist will not be expanded to include the younger students. The federal law is still age 16, and since the State Performance Plan (SPP) reflects federal requirements there are currently no plans to change the SPP 13 checklist in Texas.

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