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New Date for Staging for PBM

TEA had indicated that the staging for Performance-Based Monitoring would occur the first week of October. TEA has been working very hard to accomplish that goal, and stated that due to lack of resources, that timeline must be adjusted.  TEA is anticipating that the staging and intervention documents will be posed during the week of October 10 (most likely […]

2011-2012 High Cost Fund Eligibility Application Deadline

The deadline to submit the 2011-2012 High Cost Fund Eligibility application is Saturday, October 1, 2011.  Technical assistance will not be available on Saturday, so it is advisable that LEAs submit the application on Friday, September 30, 2011. Information related to the High Cost Fund Eligibility application is located at If you have questions […]

To The Administrator Addressed Letter Dated September 27, 2011

The following new Texas Education Agency Correspondence has been posted at the TEA website: Required RF Tracker Data Collection for Local Education Agencies with Residential Care and Treatment Facilities within Their Geographic Boundaries and/or Jurisdiction.  The letter can be found at If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Joy Hunsucker at or […]

MOE Update

TEA has indicated that the mailing of the MOE letters has been delayed until the first week of October.  If you have questions about MOE or if you receive a letter and need assistance, please contact Linda McDaniel at  or 512.919.225 or Shirley Sanford at or 512.919.5375.

ARRA Section 1512 Quarterly Data Reporting

On September 28, 2011, TEA will open the expenditure reporting system (ER) to allow reporting of ARRA Section 1512 quarterly data for the quarter that ends September 30, 2011. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is advising local educational agencies (LEAs) of upcoming federal reporting requirement deadlines. LEAs that receive certain American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of […]

Message from TEA Regarding SPP Data

Message From TEA We would like to take a moment to thank each district and charter for your continued support in submitting and certifying your annual SPP data in a timely manner. Your dedication and commitment truly made a difference in this year’s data collection. Without your perseverance we would not have had 99% of […]

Program Guidelines (2009-2011 Special Education ARRA/Stimulus Grant Application)

An errata has been posted to the Program Guidelines for the 2009-2011 Special Education ARRA/Stimulus Grant application. On page 20, the Program Guidelines currently state the following: “All goods must be received and services rendered and subsequently liquidated (recorded as an expenditure or accounts payable) within the grant dates.” In the errata notice, this language […]

Private School Consultation Process and eGrants

TEA is experiencing a large volume of 2011-2012 Special Education Consolidated Grant applications that are being sent back to the LEAs in negotiation status due to the PS3502 Private School Form. Part 7 “Describe the Basis Used by the LEA to Designate Which Parentally Placed Private School Children with Disabilities Will Receive Services”: In this section, […]

PBMAS Update

Don’t forget….  log into ISAM September 14 for your PBMAS report and set up ISAM Contacts. PBMAS Sessions (please register on e-campus):       PBMAS: Data Review                                  PBMAS: Overview and Stages              FA1121468                                                            FA1121469          Friday, 9-23-11                                                    Tuesday, 10-25-11                    9-12                                                                     9-12:30                                   .

Maintenance of Effort Letters

The Maintenance Of Effort letters comparing expenditures in 2009-2010 to expenditures in 2008-2009 should be mailed sometime the week of September 19. If you get a letter, please contact Linda McDaniel at or 512-919.5225 or Shirley Sanford at or 512.919.5375 for assistance.

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