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PBMAS/RF Continuous Improvement Plans

Do you or your integrated team want to brainstorm, share ideas,  or have an extra set of eyes on your CIP before it  is submitted to TEA? A working session for the planning, brainstorming, and reviewing of CIPs for PBMAS/RF interventions has been scheduled. It is recommended that participants bring: data, SLRs, templates, FDAs and a draft […]

Update on SPP Indicator 7 Opening Date

The Texas Education Agency is anticipating that the SPP Indicator 7 data collection application will open on Wednesday,  January  3, 2012, due to enhancements being made to the SSA and TEASE account request process.  The SPP data collection team is modifying the TEASE certifier access for SSAs so that only one TEASE ID is required […]

The Special Education DataBook

The Texas Education Agency (TEA)  has updated The Special Education DataBook with the 2011 data.  The DataBook provides statewide data on demographics and placements for students with disabilities and all students, when appropriate,  for three years.  TEA is required to publicly report this data.  You can view this data by going to the TEA web page […]

Compliance Status with SPP Indicators 11, 12, and 13 for 2010-11

Letters concerning the Compliance status with State Performance Plan Indicators 11, 12, and 13 for 2010-11 are in the process of being mailed to superintendents and special education directors.  Each special education director will receive a copy of the letter and the report(s) for their LEA(s). Each LEA will receive either a letter indicating “Information […]

PBMAS and RF Staging has Arrived!

    You may now access your PBMAS and RF staging information through the ISAM function in TEASE.  “How was My LEA Staged?”  as well as the other resource documents are also posted on the Special Education Monitoring Webpage.                                   Just a reminder that there is a PBMAS session at:                                                                                   PBMAS Session  (please register on e-campus): […]

STAAR Clarifications and Updates

                                                                         Click for              is recommending that districts make every effort to get these students caught up to their cohort as soon as possible.  For those who are unable to advance to grade 10, districts might choose to give a released   during the TAKS administration so the students will continue […]

NPRM: 34 CFR 300.154

There is a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) that is important for you to read. You are encouraged to read this document so you understand the proposed changes related to the use of Medicaid or other public benefits programs to pay for services required by the IDEA. This NPRM […]

Draft Model IEP Form Available for Comment

TEA is now soliciting public comment from Special Education Directors and other interested stakeholders throughout the state on the draft Model IEP Form. The form along with information will also be posted on TEA’s website from October 17 through November 7, 2011, along with a link to survey monkey for comments. A link to the survey is at You will also find a link […]

Two Month Calendar for October and November 2011 Available

The two month calendar of due dates from the Division of Grants Administration for the months of October 2011 and November 2011 may now be found here: Notice to Grantees Receiving ARRA Funds: Under the terms of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, or the “stimulus bill”), funds must be obligated in a […]

PBMAS / RF Update

PBMAS/RF Staging information and resources should be posted in ISAM this week (October 10 -14).  Update from TEA:  Week of October 17th. Due to the delay in the staging, the due dates have been adjusted (posted above). (No news yet if they will be readjusted.) Just a reminder that Stages 1 and 2 do not […]

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