Carryover (Roll Forward) Funds Available on 2011-2012 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application

Carryover (roll forward) funds are now available in your 2011-2012 Special Education Consolidated Grant application. Please select the “New Amendment” button on the eGrants application before opening the BS6006 Budget Summary schedule. This action of selecting the “New Amendment” button will cause the carryover funds to populate in the Carryover row in “Part 1: Available Funding” of the BS6006.

If a carryover amount does not appear, your LEA may not have unexpended funds from the previous year or there may be a refund or payment pending.

For questions, please contact Grants Administration at 512-463-8525; Linda McDaniel at or 512.919.5225 or Shirley Sanford at or 512.919.5375

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