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MOE and Ed Jobs Funds

The Education Jobs Fund program (Ed Jobs) provided funds to states to save or create education jobs by supporting positions that state or local funds would have ordinarily funded. Ed Jobs funds became available August 10, 2010. A LEA with Ed Jobs funds remaining after SY 2010-2011 may use those remaining funds through September 30, […]

MOE Exception: Termination of Exceptionally Costly Program

TEA clarification: The definition of “Exceptionally Costly Program” applies only to the termination of an exceptionally costly program of a specific CHILD with a disability. There will be NO broadened interpretation as previously discussed by TEA. The exception will NOT be expanded to mean a change in programs or service delivery which resulted in a […]

High Cost Fund Notification

LEAs that applied for High Cost Funds should get notification of award in January 2012. TEA stated the delay is due to reorganization. Questions? Contact Linda McDaniel at      

Facilitating IEPs (FIEP) Survey — ACTION REQUESTED

TEA is gathering data by region on the use of Facilitation Models. ARD members where a facilitator (or facilitation) has been used are encouraged to complete one of two surveys. #1. FIEP Tracking Survey Instructions: “You are receiving this survey because you attended at least one admission, review, and dismissal committee (ARDC) meeting this year in which a facilitator (or facilitation) […]

Statewide Systemic Issues of Noncompliance

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) annually reviews data from general supervision (monitoring, citations, substantiated complaints, and adverse due process hearing decisions) to determine issues that are cited for noncompliance.  The issues below are based on a data review in the spring of 2011 and were identified as systemic across the three state general supervison functions […]

HB 826

HB 826 was signed into law 06/2011 and impacts pre-K-12 The bill directs each district to appoint at least one employee to act as a liaison officer to facilitate the enrollment in or transfer to a public school of a child who is in the conservatorship of the state. Title: HB 826 Source:  

Revision of the State Performance Plan Indicators

The State Performance Plan (SPP) indicators are available for comment.  To view a close-to-final draft of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education’s (NASDSE) comments on the proposed changes to the SPP Indicators, click here. These comments are consistent with previous comments that NASDSE has submitted to OSEP on this matter. TEA encourages local districts to […]

Legal Framework Update #2

Our previous post indicated that changes have been made to 4 frameworks.  The changes are show in the attached documents. Click on the framework below to see the attached comparison documents for AUDITORY IMPAIRMENTS,  INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY,  VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS, and  USE OF STATE SPECIAL EDUCATION FUNDS,  Please note that the color green indicates original wording and the […]

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