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Clarification on Restraint and HB 359

House Bill 359  added language regarding the use of restraints by police officers.   To help clarify the bill the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has developed a matrix to help with the interpretation of the bill.  The matrix specifiies what is required for students without disabilities and students with disabilities on the use of restraints by police officers. […]

Clarification on PEIMS Codes for Modified Curriculum

We’ve received many questions about the unique Service-ID codes (PEIMS Code Table C022) for students taking EOC courses with modified curriculum. Previous guidance had been that the codes are to be used for ALL students in ALL grades beginning with the 2011-2012 school year. While this continues to be the guidance, TEA has clarified these […]

TEA Correspondence on 15 Percent Grade Deferral

The Texas Educatin Agency has posted correspondence regarding the 15 percent Grade deferral at  

Update on the 15 Percent Grading Policy

Commissioner Robert Scott announced today in a TEA News Release that the Texas Education Agency will let districts and charter schools determine for themselves if they wish to implement or defer the 15 percent requirement for the 2011-12 school year. Districts and charters choosing to defer implementation of the 15 percent requirement for the 2011-2012 […]

School Health and Related Services (SHARS)

The Division of Federal and State Education Policy at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is forming a partnership with the Health Human Services Commission (HHSC) to provide information and training on School Health and Related Services (SHARS).  HHSC has created this powerpoint to provide information to LEAs.  The powerpoint includes: Steps to becoming a provider Audit Review Documentation Documentation Reminders Common Findings Related Information Contact Information If […]

Legal Framework Update #5

        Changes have been made and approved for 2 more frameworks.  These frameworks have  already been posted in the Legal  Framework at The changes to the frameworks are shown in the attached documents. Please note that the color green indicates original wording and the red denotes the changes as posted. This […]

Significant Disproportionality Update

OSEP notified TEA in the fall of 2011 indicating a problem with TEA’s methodology for determining disproportionality for LEAs using State Performance Plan Indicators 9 and 10.  TEA has been using multiple targets and OSEP wants TEA to use a single target.  TEA is working on this adjustment. Using the 2010-2011 data for SPP Indicators […]

Leaving a Clear Trail Updates, Part Deux

1. Have the 2011-2012 Minimum Standards for the AAR been published yet? A: Not yet . . . I will post to this blog as soon as they are available on the TEA website.   2. Are there new graduation flowcharts for STAAR? A: Yes! You can find a link to the new flowcharts for […]

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