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2012 PBMAS/RF Staging Delayed…

Due to the reconfiguring and reposting of the PBMAS reports in TEASE Accountability, 2012 PBMAS/RF Staging is delayed until the week of October 1, 2012. You may access details of the 2012 Staging in the September 28, 2012 To the Administrator Addressed Letter. For questions or assistance regarding PBM indicators and staging, please contact: Laura […]

Update on Sequestration

Very little new information on sequestration has been released since July 20, 2012, when the US Department of Education notified states that the impact of sequestration would be taken from the July 2013 allocations (aside from Impact Aid programs). This message summarizes current sequestration information. The Texas Education Agency will continue to update LEAs  and […]

Residential Facility (RF) Tracker 2012

A To the Administrator Addressed RF letter that contains these dates as well as other details has been posted and sent to LEAs from TEA. RF Tracker is a required system for LEAs who have students with disabilities who reside in residential care and treatment facilities (RFs) within the geographic boundaries or jurisdiction of an […]

Special Ed Monitoring TETNs 2012-2013

  The Special Education Monitoring TETN schedule from TEA has been announced: (All sessions are from 1-3 pm) September 13, 2012 (Topic: Residential Facilities Tracker and other issues) November 8, 2012 (Topic: TBA) January 29, 2013 (Topic: TBA) March 21, 2013 (Topic: TBA) May 14, 2013 (Topic: TBA) For questions or more information: Laura Abbott        512-919-5207 […]

2012 PBMAS Data Posted in TEASE

PBMAS Data has been posted in TEASE! The confidential (unmasked) 2012 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) report for your district is now available through the Accountability application on the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) web site. These reports are confidential and must be handled as such. Accessing the TEASE Accountability Application Log onto TEASE […]

ARD Committee Training 2012-2013

The new ARD Committee Training PowerPoint has been posted to the TEA Website.  This information takes the place of a published manual and should be made available to all region, district, and campus staff, as well as parents, who participate in ARD committee meetings. Additional ARD Committee resources can be found at

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