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eGrant Deadlines

Reminders: August 1, 2013 — 2012-13 Residential grant amendment deadline. Any LEA receiving funds for a residential placement for the 2012-13 may amend the grant as needed until August 1st. August 27, 2013 — 2013-14 Special Education Consolidated Grant initial application deadline. All LEAs (districts and charters) must submit an initial grant application by this […]

MOE Update from TCASE

Notes from TEA Speaker: Nora Hancock at TCASE, July 2013 TEA is getting closer to disseminating their understanding of OSEP’s guidance on MOE calculation. TEA is developing: 1. “Interactive Tool” to calculate MOE based on OSEP guidance (The term ‘MOE template’ was not used by Dr. Hancock so unsure if TEA is modifying the familiar template […]

Bills from the 83rd Legislative Session

The Texas Education Agency has issued the 83rd Legislative Session Briefing Book of all the education bills.  The Federal & State Educational Policy Division has prepared a list of bills related to special educaiton.  This is the document that Gene Lenz referenced in his presenation at TCASE. ESC Region 13 special education staff are planning a work session for […]

Letter on Educating Highly Mobile Children with Disabilities

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has forwarded a letter from the United States Department of Education (USDE) concerning the provision of services to children who are highly mobile, including military-connected children, migrant children, children in foster care and children who are homeless. These children experience incredible challenges and the USDE and TEA seek your assistance in ensuring that they […]

Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) Upgrade (v3.4.1.2)

The Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) application was upgraded on July 19, 2013 to implement several important enhancements to the system. Below is a list of the changes made to the application, so please read this information carefully. If you have any questions, send an email to the ISAM inbox ( Enhancements 1. Implemented a new PSP […]

List of LEAs Approved to Use Substitute System of Time and Effort

The Division of Grants Administration Has Posted a List of LEAs Approved as of July 19, 2013 to Use the Substitute System of Time and Effort As described in a May 14, 2013, letter posted to the TEA Correspondence page, LEAs interested in implementing the substitute system of federal time-and-effort reporting for the 2013–2014 school year must […]

State Performance Plans 11 and 12 are open.

SPP 11, Child Find and 12, Early Childhood Transition online applications opened on July 1, 2013 for data entry for 2012-13. It will remain open until August 30, 2013. Please use the instructions and FAQs for Indicators 11 & 12 in LiveBinder to assist you. You can access LiveBinder through the Region 13 website or […]

Nonpublic Day School Programs Report (SPE-106)

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides state special education funds to districts that contract with approved nonpublic day schools for the provision of educational services to students with disabilities.  This information must be provided to the TEA Division of Federal and State Education Policy via a Nonpublic Day School Programs Report (SPE-106).  To obtain a […]

Post #3: SB 816: Responding to a parent request.

I would like to share one other provision that is provided by SB 816 that I think will have an impact on our everyday practices. This is the provision that gives a specific timeline for responding to a parent request for an initial FIE. “If a parent/legal guardian makes a written request to a school […]

Post #2: SB 816 – What aout referrals at the end of the year?

So what happens if a referral for a full and individual initial evaluation is received less than 45 school days before the last instructional day and when is the ARD meeting held? “If a school district receives written consent signed by a student’s parent or legal guardian for a full individual and initial evaluation of […]

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