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Estimate IDEA MOE for FY14 and FY15

With new methodology that omits the use of PIC 99 allocation, you can ESTIMATE compliance for IDEA MOE in current and upcoming fiscal years using the Determination Tool. For Current Year FY14 In Prior Year column, enter FY13 expenditures from Edit+ PRF1D008 Actual Compliance Report-Unallocated. In the Current Year column, enter estimated total FY14 expenditures. […]

SPP 13 and 14 Documents for Data Submission Now Available

The requirements for the 2013-14 data submission for State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators 13 and 14 have been posted to the SPP LiveBinder. SPP 13 measures evidence of transition in the IEP for students who are 16 and older. SPP 14 measures post-school outcomes for students who have graduated, earned a GED, or dropped out. Region 13 […]

IEP Facilitation Requirements and Training

SB 542 gives LEAs the option to use IEP facilitation as an alternative dispute resolution method and/or  adopt the use of IEP facilitation as a routine way of conducting ARDs. In respones to this legislatiion, LEA’s may want to consider training staff on IEP Facilitation. Please recall SB 542 authorized three levels of IEP facilitation: […]

Facilitated ARD/IEP Meetings

Why do Facilitated IEP meetings generate better student results? ARD/IEP meetings benefit from skilled and capable facilitators who can assist the team in crafting agreements that lead to better educational programs for students with disabilities. Facilitation makes the meeting process easier and helps team members communicate and solve problems more effectively. Every team member, parent, […]

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