IEP Facilitation: New State Program and Optional LEA Program

On September 12, 2014, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced the state-sponsored individualized education program (IEP) facilitation project.

Information related to the project may be found at the TEA IEP Facilitation website.

The TEA website also describes an optional IEP facilitation process that a district or charter school may choose to provide.

The attached flyer IEP Facilitation described three ways to use facilitation skills and practices: 1) as a routine way of conducting meetings and interacting with parents; 2) as a district or charter IEP facilitation program; and 3) the state-level program. This flyer may be used to share with parents and others who are interested in IEP facilitation.

ESC Region 13 contact for IEP Facilitation: Linda McDaniel at


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