Consultation for Private Nonprofit School Participation

Reminders about private / home school consultation for LEAs (Does not apply to Charters)

1. According to the Program Guidelines for the Special Education Consolidated Grant Application, LEAs must consult with private schools “before preparing and submitting this application” (page 29 of current grant guidelines).

2. Consultation must be “timely, meaningful, and ongoing” (page 32 of current grant guidelines). The ‘ongoing’ requirement includes how the consultation process will operate during the school year to ensure that parentally-placed children with disabilities identified through Child Find activities can meaningfully participate in special education and related services.

3. LEA must consult with private school representatives and representatives of parents of parentally-placed private school children with disabilities during the design and development of special education (page 32 0f current grant guidelines).

What this may mean for your LEA (Does not apply to Charters)

1. Consider beginning consultation for 2015-16 in late spring or June before developing your 2015-16 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application. This timing ensures stakeholders’ input is considered upfront during the design and development of the grant application.

2. Determine how additional consultation opportunities will be offered during 2015-16 for new eligible students, e.g.,  identified through child find activities or recent withdrawal to homeschool or private school.

3. Review your LEA’s Special Education Operating Guidelines against the Program Guidelines to ensure compliance. The 2015–16 Program Guidelines will be published with the 2015-16 SPED Consolidated Grant Application later on this spring.

Private Nonprofit School Participation Contact: Joy Hunsucker at joy.hunsucker@esc13.txed

Funding / Proportionate Share / eGrants: Linda McDaniel at


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