Reminder: IDEA-B SHARS Reporting Due by October 31, 2015

As previously posted on this blog, LEAs must report whether they claim SHARS reimbursement; whether the revenue is subsequently expended on special education; and, if yes, how much.

This is a new reporting requirement. TEA will use the reported amount when calculating the LEA’s IDEA-B MOE compliance status next spring. This is a MOE State Reconsideration referred to in the guidance on how MOE is calculated. TEA is requesting the amount upfront so that the calculations used in the preliminary letters of finding are more accurate.

SHARS funds expended on special education will be subtracted from the LEA’s total expenditures on special education. The funds will not be considered “State or Local” funds for purposes of MOE.

The SHARS Guidance document states:
“If the LEA chooses to spend the SHARS reimbursement on special education, the LEA must account for that expenditure separately from the state and local expenditures for MOE purposes. The LEA must document the subsequent expenditure and provide that information to TEA as an IDEA-B LEA MOE State Reconsideratoin, so it is not counted for MOE purposes.”

Please refer to previous posts on this blog for the To The Administrator Addressed letter and more information.

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