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Substitute System of Time and Effort Reporting Deadline May 15, 2016

For the 2015–2016 school year, TEA established multiple deadlines for LEAs that planned to use the substitute system for all or part of the year to submit the required management certification form. May 15, 2016, is the deadline for LEAs that meet the following criteria to submit the form: Your LEA plans to make the […]

March 2016 STAAR Grades 5 and 8 Online Testing Update

April 20, 2016 To the Administrator Addressed communication from TEA has provided guidance on how to address SSI requirements for students affected by the online testing issues that occurred in March. Issues identified with the online testing are: 1.  students provided with an incorrect version of the test, and 2. students logged out due to […]

Legal Framework Special Education Policy Updates for Charters

TEA provided the following information via the Legal Framework Team at the Education Service Center, Region 18: Each charter must re-upload all its Special Education Policies to the Legal Framework by the end of October 2016. This is required due to revisions in special education regulations and rules since the previous uploading of policies. Previously uploaded policies for your charter […]

Time to Check Your SPP!

August 10, 2016 is the deadline to submit and certify data for SPP (State Performance Plan) indicators 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14 for school year 2015-16. Do you know who in your district . . . Is the certifier for each of these indicators? Will be collecting and/or entering data for each indicator through […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation: ARD Decisions

It’s that time of year! Graduation is just a couple of months away, and students are preparing to launch from public school into adult life. For ARD committees, this means determining which high school program a student has met, based on their academic achievement. You might be wondering . . . How do the rules […]

High Cost Funds Allowable Excess Costs – Update

Information has been received from one of the directors in our region providing clarification on excess costs for ESY and transportation for High Cost Fund applications. ESY Excess Cost: TEA is not considering teacher or teaching assistant as excess cost regardless of how much time the teacher or teaching assistant devotes to an individual student. […]

IDEA-B MOE Update from April 5 TETN

Dr. Kathy Lovett, TEA Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting, asked ESCs to remind LEAs of the following regarding IDEA-B MOE Compliance Reviews: 1. LEA responses are due via GFFC application in TEASE/TEAL by this Friday, April 8. 2. Refer to instructions in the April 1st TTAA letter. 3. SHARS Reimbursement expended directly on special education […]

Proposed New Rule Related to the Implementation of SB 507

Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 103, Health and Safety, Subchapter DD, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Video Surveillance of Certain Special Education Settings, §103.1301, Video Surveillance of Certain Special Education Settings   The proposed rules will be published in the April 8, 2016 issue of the Texas Register.  The public comment period on this proposal is April 8, […]

TEA IDEA-B MOE Website Updated

TEA has updated its webpage on IDEA-B MOE . It includes new information about the Compliance Review Process, the Exceptions Workbook and examples of Preliminary and Final Reports. ESC SPED Contact:

IDEA-B MOE Tests in Compliance Review vs Calculation Tool

Denise Dusek at ESC 20 noticed the following and passed on the information to us: On TEA’s Compliance Review Summary, they numbered the four tests differently than how they are identified in TEA’s Calculation Tool. In the Compliance Review summary, TEA numbers the tests as: Test 1 Local Only [Test 3 on the Calculation Tool] […]

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