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2016-2017 Residential and Nonpublic Day School Application Process

The TEA is in the process of finalizing the 2016-2017 school year Residential and Non-public Day School application process. Beginning this year all residential and nonpublic day school applications will be submitted via an online application housed in TEASE. Additional information will be provided soon. As of now, the target online application launch date is […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation: PEIMS Codes

Decisions about graduation for students with disabilities are made by the ARD committee, based on the options and requirements outlined in TAC §89.1070. But what should schools consider when documenting the results of those decisions? How should data about student achievement and specially designed instruction be submitted to TEA? PEIMS Codes The code tables most […]

Charter School Policies

The Policy Procedures for all of the charter schools in the public side of the legal framework has been restored. Charter schools may download the policies that had been uploaded prior to March 1, 2016. The legal framework programmers will restore the state back to what was posted as of today (June 24, 2016) on August […]


The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has released the results of a national survey on key data highlights on equity and opportunity gaps in schools nationwide.  The 2013-14 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a survey of all public schools and school districts in the United States. The CRDC measures student access […]

Chapter 103. Health and Safety, Subchapter DD. Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Video Surveillance of Certain Special Education Settings

This is posted: with an effective date of 6/16/2016 (last Thursday).  TEA’s response was that “the initial thought was that the rule would be in effect on June 16th, but that did not occur.”  TEA also stated that “the comment period has ended, and TEA is working to finalize the package for adoption.”  So, more to […]

2015-16 SPED Consolidated Grant — Last Day to Amend–Today!

Remember today, Friday, June 17, 2016 is amendment due date for the 2015-16 SPED Consolidated grant application. See the TEA document, When to Amend for information. Questions:    

Clarification Regarding the Cancellation of the June STAAR Administration for Grades 5 and 8 for Students Receiving Special Education Services

The Division of Federal and State Education Policy at the Texas Education Agency has provided the following information regarding how the cancellation of the June STAAR administration for students in grades 5 and 8 affects students who receive special education services. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides the following clarification regarding how the cancellation of the […]

Update on SPED Consolidated Grant, Fiscal Compliance Validation

TEA will validate data submitted on the BS6016 Fiscal Compliance Schedule, Questions #1 and #2 for selected LEAs. LEAs on the selected sample list will be contacted by e-mail within a few days of the submission of the 2016-2017 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application in eGrants.  So the time period will vary for each LEA depending on […]

2016-17 SPED Consolidated Grant Application Open on or About June 3, 2016

The Texas Education Agency anticipates opening the 2016-2017 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application on or about June 3, 2016. Allocations for IDEA-B Formula, IDEA-B Preschool, IDEA-D Deaf Blind, State Deaf, and IDEA-C Early Childhood Intervention are available on the Division of Grants Administration’s Federal Entitlements page. Eligible applicants will be notified by GovDelivery message when the […]

2016-17 SPED Consolidated Grant, Schedule BS6016 MOE Validation Alert

On June 3, 2016 TEA  notified LEAs applying for the 2016–2017 Special Education Consolidated Grant that TEA will conduct a validation of certain amounts reported on Schedule BS6016–Financial Compliance Requirements. The Division of Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting will contact a stratified random sample of LEAs to provide documentation, such as general ledgers and budget […]

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