Are you an ARD Coordinator or Facilitator or Do you know one?


Join us for the new ARD Coordinator/Facilitator Network to enhance facilitation skills, to grow in understanding of ARD compliance, and to network with others.  We will meet 4 times this year.

Our first meeting is Tuesday, Sept 13th, 9:00-12:00.

We will begin with getting to know each other, who we are and what we would like to gain from the network.

There will be a “Compliance Corner”each session; topics will be based on participants needs and on what we are seeing in the field as issues.  This month we will discuss the cchedule of services, considerations for how they are determined and documented, and the link to accountability.

There will also be a “Facilitation” topic each time.  Linda McDaniel will work with us on “The Importance of Being a Good Listener” (and the skills needed to be one) this month.

And we will share resources, links to legal references, tools for facilitation, and more.

Register in eCampus FA1634361

ARD Coordinator/Facilitator Network

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