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SHARS Reporting Due October 31, 2016

This is a reminder of the October 31, 2016 deadline for submitting the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) Report form. This deadline applies to districts and charter schools that received IDEA-B funding in the 2015-16 school year. For details on this reporting requirement, refer to the September 16, 2016, To the Administrator Addressed letter […]

SPP Indicator 13 Checklist: Item 3

Welcome to the next installment of the 8 items on the SPP Indicator 13 checklist. Did you miss the post about Items 1 and 2 (Postsecondary Goals)? You can always go back to check it out, and consider using these resources to prepare for sample audits and the official data collection for SPP Indicator 13 […]

Non-Public Day and Residential Application Resources

The Nonpublic Day and Residential Guidance webpage has been updated to include the most recent TETN PowerPoint from October 5th, the Submission Checklist, and a link to the Division of School Improvement’s  Nonpublic School Approval and Reapproval Process . The link to the updated Nonpublic Day and Residential Placement Notification and Application Guidance will be live […]

ESC 13 SPED Director Resources

Some of our new directors requested this information be available on the blog, so here it is: Calendars of Events Special Education Leaders/Directors Calendar Transition Fairs and Events Calendar Blogs  All ESC 13 blogs may be accessed at Special Education Specific Blogs Special Education Leaders What’s So Special? LiveBinders Accommodations […]

SPP Indicator 13 Checklist: Items 1 and 2

What’s your plan for the 2016-17 State Performance Plan (SPP) data submission? Some of the indicators require data collection throughout the year. For SPP Indicator 13, districts must collect data on evidence of transition services in the IEP for students who will be 16 or older by June 30, 2017. Data is collected using a […]

RF Tracker Data Entry Now Open

RF Tracker Is Now Open LEAs have an ongoing obligation to enter data into the RF Tracker data collection system.  The RF Tracker data collection system is now open for 2016-17 data entry. For LEAs that are required to complete the data collection you must have a TEASE account.  If you do not have a […]

Non-Public Residential and Day School TEASE Application- Open

The Non-Public Day School and Residential application is now available in the HCF/Non-Public TEASE application. What’s new: Residential and Day School are now referred to as Non-public and differentiated by ‘Residential’ or ‘Day School’ Day School placements will no longer require the submission of the SPE-106 form; the TEASE system will collect the information The ARD must […]

Revised MOE Templates and TETN Training October 13 or October 19, 2016

In a TTAA letter posted on October 4, 2016, to the TEA Correspondence page, TEA announced the availability of a revised IDEA-B LEA MOE Calculation Tool for school districts and an alternate tool for use by open-enrollment charter schools. TEA is hosting two training opportunities for school districts and charter schools interested in finding out […]

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