Updated MOE IDEA Calculation Tools March 2017

TEA posted new IDEA MOE Calculation Tools on March 8, 2017.

The tools are basically the same except for a formula added to give some LEAs credit for allowable exceptions in intervening years. This change impacts about 91 LEAs statewide who failed Per-Capita tests  last year; submitted the Exception Workbook; and received approval for exceptions/adjustment submitted, but the amount credited was not sufficient to pass the test.  These credits will be carried  forward each year until the LEA passes the per-capita test.

A TTAA letter is expected soon to explain this year’s IDEA MOE Compliance Review process; explain the changes to the tool; and provide timelines.

Anticipated timelines:

April 1st: Preliminary MOE IDEA Compliance Report posted in GFFC.

5 Business Days to submit Exceptions Workbook via GFFC explaining decline in fiscal effort.

End of May: Final MOE IDEA Compliance Report posted in GFFC.

In preparing for the IDEA MOE Compliance review process, LEAs are encouraged to use the revised tool to check compliance status. Since turnaround time is short (5 business days), Non-compliant LEAs should begin reviewing the Exceptions Workbook and collecting documentation now.

ISD Calculation Tool Revision March 2017

Charter Calculation Tool Revision March 2017

ESC 13 contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

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