LEA Preparation for 2015-2016 Preliminary IDEA-B MOE Compliance Reviews

TEA issued a TTAA letter dated March 13, 2017.

The letter alerts LEAs to the anticipated release date of 2015-2016 IDEA-B preliminary maintenance of effort compliance reviews and provides a timeline for LEA response to preliminary reviews.

Preliminary reviews will be released in early April in GFFC Reports and Data Collections.

LEAs have five business days from date reports posted in GFFC to submit reasons for decline in fiscal effort: federal exceptions (5), adjustments (voluntary reduction), or local methodology with supporting documents for validation and approval in the final calculation.

Recommended action NOW:

  1.  LEAs to review and compile documentation to be submitted in the FY16 Exceptions/Adjustments Workbook.
  2. Download the new Calculation Tool to perform LEA’s own calculations to compare to TEA’s preliminary reviews.

TEA also encourages LEAs to take this opportunity to submit Exceptions/Adjustments for last year’s review (FY15) if the following applies:

If your LEA failed any of the tests, yet failed to submit supporting documentation to assert exceptions/adjustment to justify the decline in effort, TEA will allow you to retroactively submit the FY15 documentation to TEA for consideration.

You would need to use the 2014-2015 IDEA-B LEA MOE Exceptions Workbook, located in the Archives section of TEA’s IDEA-B LEA MOE webpage (http://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/Grants/Federal_Fiscal_Compliance_and_Reporting/IDEA_Fiscal_Compliance/IDEA-B_LEA_Maintenance_of_Effort/) to document and submit the request for consideration. The workbook and supporting documentation would then need to be uploaded into GFFC. If you choose to submit documentation for exceptions/adjustment that would affect FY15 compliance, wait until TEA releases the FY16 Preliminary Compliance Review in GFFC (expected during the first week of April).

During the five business days that you would submit documentation for FY16 exceptions/adjustment using the 2015-2016 Exceptions Workbook, you would also submit the separate 2014-2015 Exceptions Workbook, if applicable, into GFFC.

However, since the 2014-2015 Exceptions Workbook is available on the TEA website right now in the Archives section, you could begin completing the workbook and gathering your documentation so you will have it ready to submit in April.

These exceptions if approved by TEA lower your required MOE threshold for compliance moving forward.

ESC Work Session on MOE Compliance and Exceptions/Adjustments SP1736977 (To be published in eCampus soon)
March 29, 9am to noon

Bring laptops and Data Reports Needed to Complete the Calculation Tool.

ESC 13 contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

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