SPP and Student ID Numbers

From TEA:

All of the data systems at TEA are in process or have made the move away from collecting 9 digit Social Security Numbers (SSN) in identification of student level data, and instead are reliant on the 10 digit Unique ID (UID) as required in district reporting through the Texas Student Data Systems (TSDS).

News and information about this requirement can be found at http://www.texasstudentdatasystem.org/TSDS/Education_Data_Warehouse/Unique_ID/. The requirement now specifies that all LEAs must use have UIDs for their students and staff to submit data for all collections.

SPP 7 was required to meet these data collection standards and has upgraded the student identifier requiring the 10 digit UID.  SPP 7 users who enter only a 9 digit SSN will see an error message that will ask for the 10 digit UID in order to make a student match within the system.  All students who exist in the system (previously entered with an entry record) have been converted to display the 10 digit UID for each.  If users do not know the student 10 digit UIDs, they will need to obtain those numbers from the district’s PEIMS personnel or from other campus or district records prior to input of any new child entry record.

For SPP questions or concerns please contact Elizabeth Danner (elizabeth.danner@esc13.txed.net) or Lori Merrell (lori.merrell@esc13.txed.net)

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