Guidance from TEA on SB 1153

TEA has posted guidance related to SB 1153.   The guidance reads:

Notice and Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Response to Interventions for Children Not Eligible for Special Education

Senate Bill (SB) 1153, 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2017, changed Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 26.0081. The changes require the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to update the Student Handbook Statement, which is found here in English and in Spanish.

The changes also require local educational agencies (LEAs) to provide parents with notice whenever their child begins to receive intervention strategies. The notice must contain specific requirements. TEA has created a template that LEAs can use that meets the statutory requirements. The notice is available here in English and here in Spanish.

Finally, TEA has developed a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document to assist LEAs and parents in understanding the requirements of SB 1153. That FAQ can be found here in English and here in Spanish.

You can find the guidance on TEA’s webpage at

Please share this information with appropriate staff at your LEA.

 For questions please contact Shirley Sanford at or 512.919.5375.


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