Revised IDEA MOE Calculation Tool and Resources

TTAA letter dated December 15,2017

Local educational agencies (LEAs) that receive or administer Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B (IDEA-B) grant funds must demonstrate compliance with the maintenance of effort (MOE) requirement. Although TEA conducts IDEA-B LEA MOE compliance reviews each spring, LEAs are also responsible for performing their own calculations to determine IDEA-B LEA MOE compliance.

This letter announces the update of the IDEA-B LEA MOE Calculation Tools for school districts and open-enrollment charter schools and the availability of new website resources:

IDEA-B LEA MOE Calculation Tools
The IDEA-B LEA MOE Calculation Tools and Instructions have been revised to allow the input of an additional year (2015–2016) of prior-year data from an LEA’s final IDEA-B LEA MOE Compliance Review report. Instructions also clarify that the amount of intervening year exceptions may have to be summed using data from 2014–2015 and 2015–2016 final IDEA-B LEA MOE Compliance Review reports, if the LEA’s last compliant school year was 2013–2014, and the LEA submitted TEA-approved exceptions.

New Resources
Additional tools to clarify the IDEA-B LEA MOE data and processes have also been posted and will provide more information for LEAs. These resources include a list of the specific data sources used in the calculation and a one-page IDEA-B LEA MOE Factsheet.

For Further Information
The IDEA-B LEA Maintenance of Effort page of the TEA website provides a link to the revised IDEA-B LEA MOE Calculation Tools and Instructions as well as to additional resources.

IDEA ESC MOE contact:

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