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Two Competitive Grant Opportunities for LEAs

The Texas Education Agency has announced two competitive grant opportunities for local educational agencies (LEAs).  Both Request for Applications (RFAs) are available on TEA’s Grant Opportunities page at:  2018–2019 Services to Students with Autism Grant  The RFA #701-18-107 is authorized by the Texas Education Code, 29.026 as added by House Bill 21, Section 3, 85th […]

Procedural Safeguards Updates

Updated Procedural Safeguards were published on the Legal Framework December 2017.  Changes highlighted in the attached document are as follows: Date change (From April 2016 to December 2017) Foster Parent as Parent – discusses when a training program must be completed “…before the child’s next ARD meeting, but not later than the 90th day after you begin acting […]

Online Survey Related to TEA’s Corrective Action Plan for USDE, OSEP

TEA has developed an online survey to solicit feedback from educators, parents, and members of the community to provide TEA with feedback on the draft corrective action plan as well as additional suggestions for addressing the individual corrective actions. Prior to completing the survey, it is important to read TEA’s proposed corrective action plan.  A link to the plan can be […]

Press release: TEA Drafts Corrective Action Plan for Special Education

The Texas Education Agency’s draft plan in response to the U.S. Department of Education corrective action plan request was just released.  The press release describes significant actions that are part of the draft plan. To review the draft plan and learn more about providing feedback, visit the TEA website at file:///C:/Users/ssanford/Downloads/TEA%20Initial%20Draft%20Proposal.pdf   For questions contact Shirley Sanford at or […]

Final OSEP Letter and Monitoring Report From Visit in Texas the Week of February 27, 2017

Attached are the letter from OSEP that provides a summary of the results of the Office of Special Education Program’s monitoring visit in Texas during the week of February 27, 2017 and the monitoring report. 1.10.18 TX Monitoring Enclosure Final fedltrtoTEA.011118

SPED SSA Configuration Changes Deadline February 1, 2018

If your LEA is making changes to a Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) for special education, this notice applies to you. Withdrawing from a SSA and establishing your own in-district program involves many considerations and can impact your federal fiscal compliance requirement of Maintenance of Effort. ESC 13 can assist with this type of transition. See […]

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