SPED SSA Configuration Changes Deadline February 1, 2018

If your LEA is making changes to a Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) for special education, this notice applies to you.

Withdrawing from a SSA and establishing your own in-district program involves many considerations and can impact your federal fiscal compliance requirement of Maintenance of Effort. ESC 13 can assist with this type of transition. See the Checklist: Considerations When Leaving SSA.

TEA Update:

This is a reminder of an upcoming special education deadline that applies only to LEAs planning a change to their special education shared services arrangements (SSAs) for 2018–2019.

If you are not making a change to your LEA’s SSA, no notification to TEA is required.

Notify TEA if you are making any of the following changes to your LEA’s special education SSA:

  • Your LEA is participating in a newly-formed SSA.
  • Your LEA is joining an existing SSA.
  • Your LEA is leaving an SSA and becoming independent.
  • There is a change in fiscal agents for an existing SSA.
  • There is any membership configuration change to an existing SSA.

Once TEA receives your notification, the agency will send you further information on fiscal-related deadlines and requirements.

If you are making any of the configuration changes described above, you must notify TEA by February 1, 2018, in order for the agency to finalize IDEA-B planning amounts for the 2018–2019 school year.

The February 1, 2018, deadline is final and will not be extended. An LEA that fails to submit its notification by that deadline will not be permitted to implement changes to its SSA membership for 2018–2019.

Refer to the Special Education—Shared Services Arrangement (SSA) Procedures for further information regarding this requirement.

ESC 13 contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

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