What’s “Special” About Graduation? LOTE and PE Substitutions

When it comes to LOTE (Languages Other Than English) and PE (Physical Education) courses required for graduation, TAC §74.12 includes several options to “substitute” another course to meet the credit requirements. These “substitutions” are entirely different from the kind that were allowable for some students receiving special education services prior to 2013-14, where a locally-developed course would substitute for a required course.

Key points to consider:

  • Substituted courses as allowable in §74.12 do not impact the student’s options for high school program (i.e., these students are still eligible to earn an endorsement or enhancement)
  • Students may receive accommodations or modifications in LOTE and PE courses, as recommended by the ARD committee
  • Students may receive accommodations or modifications in substituted courses, as recommended by the ARD committee
  • Modified content in either a LOTE/PE course or in a substitution for a LOTE/PE course can potentially impact graduation options for the student (see TAC §89.1070 for impact of modifications)
  • For LOTE substitutions, schools are not allowed to “mix and match” across the two options. ARD/504 committees should determine if the student meets the requirements in subsection (b)(5)(B), or if they meet the requirements in subsection (b)(5)(D), and use only those options listed below that subsection to select a substitute course

The document “Course Substitutions Redefined” reviews the difference between course substitutions as allowable under §74.12 compared to previously available substitutions. More related resources are available at the Leaving a Clear Trail Livebinder.

See the TEA website for Languages Other Than English, especially the FAQ document from November 2017, and the TEA website for Physical Education.

Contact Elizabeth.Danner@esc13.txed.net for more information about graduation for students with disabilities.

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