TEA Communication: Parent Requests for Special Education Evaluation

TEA has provided a TAA Correspondence addressing the responsibilities and timelines for parent requests for special education evaluations under IDEA, TEC, and TAC.   Since the release of the OSEP monitoring report in January, TEA has been in the process of developing a corrective action plan.  The letter provides an overview of OSEP’s findings, clarifies the child find obligations of  LEAs, and provides information related to TEA’s next steps and the ongoing feedback opportunities.

TAA February 26, 2018 Responsibilites and Timelines Regarding Parent Requests for Special Education Evaluations….

Key points addressed are as follows:

  1. Parent request for special education requirements and timelines
  2. LEA responsibility for child find
  3. Dyslexia Handbook revisions to clarify IDEA requirements
  4. RtI in the evaluation process and parent notice
  5. Retention of records beyond the minimum period

Stakeholders may provide ongoing feedback via email to TexasSPED@tea.texas.gov.

Questions may be directed to TEA’s Department of Special Populations, Division of Special Education (512) 463-9414 or Email: sped@tea.texas.gov .  Additional information is available on the TEA website at http://www.tea.texas.gov/TexasSPED/


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