SPP Data Collection for 2017-18

All districts and charter schools must collect and submit data for State Performance Plan indicators 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Resources (including an overview of SPP), documents, and links can be found on the SPP Livebinder from Region 13: www.bit.ly/spptexas

** All data for all districts and charter schools must be submitted and certified through TEAL no later than August 16, 2018 **

Keep in mind:

  • For SPP 11 and 12….. every district must have a complete and certified status regardless of whether the district has data to enter. In other words, you must certify through TEAL even if you have no students who meet the sampling criteria.
  • For SPP 7, 13, and 14….. only “applicable districts” must submit and certify data. If your district does not serve students who meet the sampling criteria for one or more of these indicators, contact your ESC to see if data submission will be required.
  • Use Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode to enter and save data in TEAL, and see the Troubleshooting Guide from TEA for help.
  • Use the 10 digit Unique ID (UID) in Texas Student Data Systems (TSDS)  to enter student information in TEAL for all indicators (see Instructions for each indicator).
  • There are 2 steps to finalizing for each indicator: first submit the data, then certify to send it to TEA. Districts that do not certify their data through the online application will not meet compliance for that indicator, regardless of the data you submitted!

NEW for 2017-18:

  • Access SPP directly through TEAL. This will launch you into the TEASE application. If you have any difficulty accessing SPP from your TEAL account, please submit a request with the TEA Help Desk at https://txeduagency.zendesk.com.
  • Region 13 will host a webinar on May 22 from 11:00 – 12:00 for administrators who are new to the SPP data submission and will be expected to submit/certify data. Registration is available online. Webinar will be recorded and posted to the SPP Livebinder.

For more information contact:

Lori Merrell (SPP 7, 11, and 12)


Elizabeth Danner (SPP 13 and 14)


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