SPED Consolidated Grant Assurances & the Corrective Action Responses

TTA Letter dated July 18, 2018 describes actions required for the SPED Corrective Action Responses.

Corrective Action 1.b requires LEAs to submit assurances that “will clearly convey that the LEA’s special education policies, procedures, and programs are consistent with state and federal special education requirements.” 

According to an email on 7/25/2018 from the TEA Grants Administration Division:

The assurances referenced  above are already covered in the Program-Specific Provisions and Assurances. By checking the box next to Program-Specific Provisions and Assurances on CS7000 in the eGrants application, the LEA is certifying acceptance and compliance with these statements. 

If the LEA has already certified and submitted its 2018-2019 SPED Consolidated grant application, no further action is needed.

LEAs may use the resources at the Region 18’s Legal Framework and contact their education service center for assistance in reviewing policies, procedures, and programs. The Legal Framework contact at ESC Region 13 is Lindy Frazer, lindy.frazer@esc13.txed.net.

Questions? linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net



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