Validation Alert: Schedule BS6016 Fiscal Compliance–LEA MOE Eligibility

Notice from TEA August 9, 2018

If selected for validation, response required within 2 business days!

The purpose of this bulletin is to notify LEAs applying for the 2018–2019 Special Education Consolidated Grant that TEA will conduct a validation of certain amounts reported on Schedule BS6016–Financial Compliance Requirements.

The Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division will contact a random sample of LEAs to provide documentation, such as general ledgers and budget reports, to support the following amounts reported in the LEA MOE for Eligibility section of the BS6016:

1.    Amount of special education expenditures for the most recent prior year in which complete expenditure data are available and the LEA was in MOE compliance (BS6016 Line 1)

2.    Budget for special education for 2018–2019  (BS6016 Line 2)

The FFCR Division will conduct outreach after applicants submit the 2018–2019 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application. Superintendents and special education directors of selected LEAs will receive an e-mail from with instructions to attach documentation within two business days (TEA will use e-mails listed in the Texas Education Directory, ASKTED).




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