Charter 2018-2019 Significant Expanision Data Collection for IDEA-B

TEA TAA Letter September 13, 2013

This letter describes:

  • Criteria defining significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B for charters
  • How open-enrollment charter schools request additional funding due to significant expansion of enrollment

Significant Expansion of Enrollment Criteria for IDEA-B
To claim significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B, the open-enrollment charter school must meet both the following criteria based on the newly-expanded enrollment:

  • A minimum total student enrollment of 50; and
  • At least a 50% increase in the total student enrollment from previously-reported student counts

For example, your open-enrollment charter school would meet the IDEA-B criteria for significant expansion of enrollment if your total student enrollment increased from 250 to 375.

Date of Certified Submission Funding Availability
By November 1, 2018 2018–2019 school year final amounts
November 2, 2018, to January 31, 2019 2019–2020 school year planning amounts

How to Request Access to Enrollment Reporting Form
If the open-enrollment charter school meets the criteria for significant expansion of enrollment for IDEA-B, email the Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting (FFCR) Division at with the charter school name, county-district number, and a request that your 2018–2019 SC5050 Request for Federal Funding and Indirect Cost Rate Form (SC5050) be opened in eGrants.

Questions: ESC13 Funding Contact

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