TEA 2018 Statewide Federal Grants Training: Highlights

TEA will post a final revised presentation after the 3rd statewide training on October 12 at: https://tea.texas.gov/Finance_and_Grants/Grants/Training_and_Other_Resources/Training_and_Other_Resources/

2017-2018 IDEA-B Formula & Preschool: LEAs will receive an increase in supplemental funds. TEA Grants staff will begin budget adjustments for LEAs in November 2018. Revised final expenditure reports for this grant will be accepted thru 10/20/2019.

2018-2019 IDEA-B Formula & Preschool: Final amounts to be released by December 10, 2018. The grant will be for 27-months. Watch for new NOGAs reflecting the change in the funding cycle for 2018-2019.

2019-2010 ESSA/IDEA/Perkins Consolidated Application

  1. ESSA, IDEA and Perkins applications will be consolidated.
  2. Everyone can work on the application at the same time. Will work as usual.
  3. Next year will keep basics of each application as is. Next year will not be a full consolidation.
  4. Will be an eGrants profile filed by LEA with contact info by program area.
  5. Will complete an ‘Intent to Apply’–enter info, sign and submit. The system will
    then open each section for the funds you said you would apply.
  6. Will have the equitable access participation schedule completed once for all
    applications and has been shortened.
  7. Assurances will submit for all.
  8. ESSA, IDEA, Perkins program budgets and schedules will be set up separately allowing
    multiple people to be in the system at one time.
  9. Will streamline the program schedules. One page per fund source.
  10. Compliance info collected at end of year most likely in compliance report.
  11. Pilot year

Annual SHARS Reimbursement Report online survey due October 31, 2018. Keep a copy.

TEA is developing guidance document on Contacting. Estimated release in Spring 2019.

Common Audit Issues—See the presentation for full types of issues and details on each.

Internal Controls examples:

  1. Inappropriate coding
  2. Expenditures claimed exceeded those recorded
  3. Class object codes claimed differed from those recorded
  4. Encumbrances not recorded in general ledger
  5. Lack of written business policies and procedures to comply with EDGAR
  6. Expenditures not supported by adequate source documentation

Payroll examples:

  1. Positions not approved in application
  2. No signed and dated job descriptions showing the duties and activities
  3. No salary authorizations to support payroll costs. Payroll distribution forms recommended.
  4. No supplemental contract or agreement showing allowable work charged to the grant, e.g., tutoring or extra pay documentation. Document how work aligns with IDEA-B grant and the reason for needing.
  5. Time and Effort documentation not maintained.

Considerable content on Private Nonprofit (PNP) Equitable Services related to Title 1 and other federal programs, but not IDEA. Specific forms/requirements may apply to IDEA in the future.

SPED Funding Contact: linda.mcdaniel@esc13.txed.net

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