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Special Education Dispute Resolution Systems Handbook October 2016

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has updated its Special Education Dispute Resolution Systems Handbook.  The handbook is designed to assist parents, school officials, and other interested parties in understanding and working through TEA’s special education dispute resolution system. It provides information on individualized education program (IEP) facilitation, mediation, due process hearings, and state complaints.  The […]

Are you an ARD Coordinator or Facilitator or Do you know one?

  Join us for the new ARD Coordinator/Facilitator Network to enhance facilitation skills, to grow in understanding of ARD compliance, and to network with others.  We will meet 4 times this year. Our first meeting is Tuesday, Sept 13th, 9:00-12:00. We will begin with getting to know each other, who we are and what we would […]

USDE Encourages Use of Informal Dispute Resolution Options

In a recent USDE Letter dated April 15, 2015, the department encourages LEAs to use informal means, when possible, to resolve differences with parents. In Texas, LEAs are encouraged to use three levels of facilitation as a alternative to the formal procedures of complaint, mediation and due process hearings. The letter concludes by stating: LEAs […]

IEP Facilitation — New Resources

Education Service Center Region 13 provides resources for parents and professionals on IEP facilitation. The Facilitated IEP (FIEP) webpage hosts a number of resources including: Video of an IEP Meeting showing the administrator using facilitation techniques Parent Handbook for Special Education (download in English or Spanish) The new IEP Facilitation LiveBinder provides more resources and houses the Tools […]

IEP Facilitation: New State Program and Optional LEA Program

On September 12, 2014, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced the state-sponsored individualized education program (IEP) facilitation project. Information related to the project may be found at the TEA IEP Facilitation website. The TEA website also describes an optional IEP facilitation process that a district or charter school may choose to provide. The attached flyer […]

IEP Facilitation Requirements and Training

SB 542 gives LEAs the option to use IEP facilitation as an alternative dispute resolution method and/or  adopt the use of IEP facilitation as a routine way of conducting ARDs. In respones to this legislatiion, LEA’s may want to consider training staff on IEP Facilitation. Please recall SB 542 authorized three levels of IEP facilitation: […]

Facilitated ARD/IEP Meetings

Why do Facilitated IEP meetings generate better student results? ARD/IEP meetings benefit from skilled and capable facilitators who can assist the team in crafting agreements that lead to better educational programs for students with disabilities. Facilitation makes the meeting process easier and helps team members communicate and solve problems more effectively. Every team member, parent, […]

Facilitated IEP (FIEP) Survey

The FIEP survey is available for any FIEP meeting held during the 2012-13 school year. This survey is designed to gather feedback when a non-required member or neutral person facilitates the meeting. If parents and meeting participants are not able to access the survey online, LEAs are encouraged to develop a way for participants to […]

Facilitating IEPs (FIEP) Survey — ACTION REQUESTED

TEA is gathering data by region on the use of Facilitation Models. ARD members where a facilitator (or facilitation) has been used are encouraged to complete one of two surveys. #1. FIEP Tracking Survey Instructions: “You are receiving this survey because you attended at least one admission, review, and dismissal committee (ARDC) meeting this year in which a facilitator (or facilitation) […]

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