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What’s “Special” About Graduation? LOTE and PE Substitutions

When it comes to LOTE (Languages Other Than English) and PE (Physical Education) courses required for graduation, TAC §74.12 includes several options to “substitute” another course to meet the credit requirements. These “substitutions” are entirely different from the kind that were allowable for some students receiving special education services prior to 2013-14, where a locally-developed […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation? IGCs and IEPs

As we countdown to commencement, consider the following when making decisions about graduation for students with disabilities. Assessment Decision Basics: At any point in the student’s high school career, the ARD committee can determine that passing the state assessments (EOCs) will not be required for the student to graduate. At any point in the student’s […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation: PEIMS Codes

Decisions about graduation for students with disabilities are made by the ARD committee, based on the options and requirements outlined in TAC §89.1070. But what should schools consider when documenting the results of those decisions? How should data about student achievement and specially designed instruction be submitted to TEA? PEIMS Codes The code tables most […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation: ARD Decisions

It’s that time of year! Graduation is just a couple of months away, and students are preparing to launch from public school into adult life. For ARD committees, this means determining which high school program a student has met, based on their academic achievement. You might be wondering . . . How do the rules […]

Graduation Updates Webinar

Are you wondering how to respond to the changes in graduation rules? Check out this short video to hear what’s been happening in the last few months. Region 13 is hosting a webinar to review the rules and to share updates: Graduation Type Codes (PEIMS Code Table C062) for Class of 2015 Graduation options and […]

Emergency and Proposed Amendments to 89.1070: Graduation Requirements

The Commissioner has posted Emergency and Proposed Amendments to Commissioner’s Rule 89.1070. These amendments reflect changes to graduation requirements for all students based on SB 149. Important Dates: May 20: Filed as adopted on emergency basis June 5 to July 6: Public comment period June 15 (10 am to 1 pm) and June 17 (9 […]

SB 149 Critical Update for Special Education

TEA has posted answers to Frequently Asked Questions about SB 149. The document can be found on the TEA website. The following questions directly outline the options for students receiving special education services: 5. Are students who receive special education services eligible to receive an Individual Graduation Committee review? When a student receives special education […]

Graduation Requirements: Revised Commissioner’s Rule 89.1070

Commissioner’s Rule 89.1070 has been revised to reflect the graduation requirements for students with disabilities, including the new requirements through House Bill 5. The revised rules were posted to the Texas Register and are effective January 1, 2015. Region 13 developed a document to help schools and ARD committees respond to the new rules, and […]

House Bill 5 and Special Education

As schools prepare for the 2014-15 school year there have been many questions about the impact of House Bill 5 graduation requirements for students who receive special education services. Most of these questions will be answered by the revision of Commissioner’s Rule 89.1070, which outlines the graduation options for students with disabilities. While no specific […]

Graduation Requirements for HB 5

The SBOE met last week and final rules for graduation requirements per House Bill 5 are expected to be published soon. TEA published this News Release on January 31 to clarify some of the SBOE decisions. Commissioner’s Rules related to special education graduation options will be revised following publication of the final regulations. However, we know that ARD […]

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