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Guidance from TEA on SB 1153

TEA has posted guidance related to SB 1153.   The guidance reads: Notice and Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Response to Interventions for Children Not Eligible for Special Education Senate Bill (SB) 1153, 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2017, changed Texas Education Code (TEC), Section 26.0081. The changes require the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to update […]

TED Tips: Senate Bill 748

Senate Bill 748, relating to transition planning, was passed by the 85th Texas Legislature. While the act went into effect on the date it was signed into law (June 9, 2017), the revised rules will apply beginning with the 2018-19 school year. This new law amends TEC §29.011, TEC §29.0112, and TEC §29.017. Check out […]

What’s “Special” About Graduation? IGCs and IEPs

As we countdown to commencement, consider the following when making decisions about graduation for students with disabilities. Assessment Decision Basics: At any point in the student’s high school career, the ARD committee can determine that passing the state assessments (EOCs) will not be required for the student to graduate. At any point in the student’s […]

Commissioner Rules for SB 507 are Final

Commissioner rules on SB 507 are final and will be posted in the Texas Register on August 12, 2016, effective August 15. Listed below is the link to the complete rule package for your review. If you have questions, please contact Shirley Sanford at or 512.919.5375.          

SB 149 Critical Update for Special Education

TEA has posted answers to Frequently Asked Questions about SB 149. The document can be found on the TEA website. The following questions directly outline the options for students receiving special education services: 5. Are students who receive special education services eligible to receive an Individual Graduation Committee review? When a student receives special education […]

LEA Actions Required by Recent Legislation Impacting Services to Students with Disabilities

TEA issued a TTA Letter dated September 27, 2013 outlining the bills passed in the 83rd Legislature impacting LEAs and services to students with disabilities. Many of these bills became effective at the start of the 2013-2014 school year. TEA has begun rule development related to the new requirements, including stakeholder input. The LEA is […]

TEA News Release Regarding HB 5 Transition

The Texas Education Agency has provided school districts and charter schools more information regarding HB 5 transition in the August 2 News Release. Information about the Redesign of the STAAR Alternate Program and STAAR Modified Program are included in the News Release.    

Bills from the 83rd Legislative Session

The Texas Education Agency has issued the 83rd Legislative Session Briefing Book of all the education bills.  The Federal & State Educational Policy Division has prepared a list of bills related to special educaiton.  This is the document that Gene Lenz referenced in his presenation at TCASE. ESC Region 13 special education staff are planning a work session for […]

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