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TEA Communication: Parent Requests for Special Education Evaluation

TEA has provided a TAA Correspondence addressing the responsibilities and timelines for parent requests for special education evaluations under IDEA, TEC, and TAC.   Since the release of the OSEP monitoring report in January, TEA has been in the process of developing a corrective action plan.  The letter provides an overview of OSEP’s findings, clarifies the […]

Online Survey and E-mail Address to Give Input to TEA’s Draft Corrective Action Plan for USDE, OSEP

You have an opportunity to give input to the draft Corrective Action Plan that TEA is creating to respond to the findings in the final USDE report.  More information can be found at The initial draft plan can be viewed at: The survey, which can be accessed at: , closes on 02/18/2018 The e-mail address through […]

Press release: TEA Drafts Corrective Action Plan for Special Education

The Texas Education Agency’s draft plan in response to the U.S. Department of Education corrective action plan request was just released.  The press release describes significant actions that are part of the draft plan. To review the draft plan and learn more about providing feedback, visit the TEA website at file:///C:/Users/ssanford/Downloads/TEA%20Initial%20Draft%20Proposal.pdf   For questions contact Shirley Sanford at or […]

Final OSEP Letter and Monitoring Report From Visit in Texas the Week of February 27, 2017

Attached are the letter from OSEP that provides a summary of the results of the Office of Special Education Program’s monitoring visit in Texas during the week of February 27, 2017 and the monitoring report. 1.10.18 TX Monitoring Enclosure Final fedltrtoTEA.011118

TEA Responds to USDE Special Education Concerns

TEA issues news release on November 2, 2016. ESC 13 SPED Compliance Team: Ann Jinkins, Lori Merrell, Joy Hunsucker, Elizabeth Danner, or Linda McDaniel at  

OSERS Dear Colleague Letter on Children with Disabilities in Nursing Homes

A “Dear Colleague” letter was released April 26, 2016 regarding the responsibilities of States and school districts in addressing the special educational needs of children with disabilities who reside in nursing homes. The letter clarifies that children with disabilities residing in nursing homes and their parents have the same rights under IDEA that apply to […]

OSEP Guidance on MOE

OSEP issued OSEP Guidance MOE 2015 on the final LEA Maintenance of Effort (MOE) regulations under IDEA-B. These regulations are effective on July 1, 2015. The major changes include: 1) clarification of the eligibility standard; 2) clarification of the compliance standard; 3) explanation of the subsequent years rule and 4) specification of the consequences for […]

Revised IDEA-B Regulations Pertaining to Maintaining Fiscal Effort

On April 28, 2015, final regulations related to IDEA-B LEA MOE were published in the Federal Register. Revised 34 CFR 300.203 Refer to Table 8 in the link above for information on the MOE Eligibility Standard.  The 2015-2016 BS6016 schedule set for production may not fully reflect the exact language from the final rule. However, TEA […]

USDE Encourages Use of Informal Dispute Resolution Options

In a recent USDE Letter dated April 15, 2015, the department encourages LEAs to use informal means, when possible, to resolve differences with parents. In Texas, LEAs are encouraged to use three levels of facilitation as a alternative to the formal procedures of complaint, mediation and due process hearings. The letter concludes by stating: LEAs […]

Public Review and Comment Period: Proposed Texas Application for IDEA-B Funds

Deadline for Submitting Public Comment: March 31, 2015 For the state of Texas to receive its IDEA Part B grant funds each federal fiscal year, TEA must complete an application packet and submit it to the USDE Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Prior to submission to OSEP, the State Application (Texas) will be available for public […]

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