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TEA Responds to USDE Special Education Concerns

TEA issues news release on November 2, 2016. ESC 13 SPED Compliance Team: Ann Jinkins, Lori Merrell, Joy Hunsucker, Elizabeth Danner, or Linda McDaniel at  

2016-2017 Performance-Based Monitoring Intervention Staging

TEA correspondence (11/2/2016) describes this year’s PBMAS process. Click below to access the letter and links to guidance documents and tools. 2016-2017 Performance-Based Monitoring Intervention Staging  Note: The PBMAS Staging Framework document (see footnotes) in the letter states that special education indicator 10 will not be included. Districts who received a 2016 LEA Compliance Report […]

Proposed Amendment to PBMAS Rule – Public Comment Period

The Texas Education Agency has posted the proposed amendment to  19 TAC Chapter §97.1005 Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System.  The changes specific to special education are: The 6-11 and 12-21 age groups for LRE determinations will be combined into one age group 6-21 resulting in the deletion of 2 indicators.  The 2 remaining indicators (equal […]

Changes to SPED Monitoring 2015-16

A TEA To The Administrator Addressed letter dated October 6, 2015, announced changes to special education monitoring. These changes are a result of Senate Bill 1, General Appropriations Act, Rider 70 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2013, which required the TEA to ensure all accountability, monitoring, and compliance systems related to special education are non-duplicative […]

PBMAS Staging Possible October 21 – 25, 2013

Staging for PBMAS may be released the week of October 21st. This new release window is dependent on: 1) final approval of staging designations still needed within TEA and 2) time for uploading information into ISAM. LEAs are encouraged not to wait for staging, but rather to review results already available in PBMAS reports and […]

PBMAS LEA Reports Available and Staging Coming!

LEA PBMAS Reports are posted on the TEASE Accountability system. LEAs are encouraged to begin analyzing results. LEAs should NOT use previous year Standards and Cut-Points to estimate Staging status.  Changes in the PBMAS system, e.g., new Performance Level of 4 on EOC indicators, make new Cut-Points necessary. TEA is in the process of determining Cut-Points and will issue Staging by mid to […]

Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) Upgrade (v3.4.1.2)

The Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) application was upgraded on July 19, 2013 to implement several important enhancements to the system. Below is a list of the changes made to the application, so please read this information carefully. If you have any questions, send an email to the ISAM inbox ( Enhancements 1. Implemented a new PSP […]

2012-2013 Residential Facility (RF) Tracker Deadlines

The RF Tracker dates have been announced: May 17, 2013  End-of-Year-as-of-Date:  All 2011-2012 RF students who enroll on or before this date must be entered into the RF Tracker. June 7, 2013  Data Completion Date:  All data must be correctly entered into the RF Tracker system by 11:59 p.m. A “To the Administrator Addressed (TAA)” […]

Special Ed Monitoring TETNs 2012-2013

  The Special Education Monitoring TETN schedule from TEA has been announced: (All sessions are from 1-3 pm) September 13, 2012 (Topic: Residential Facilities Tracker and other issues) November 8, 2012 (Topic: TBA) January 29, 2013 (Topic: TBA) March 21, 2013 (Topic: TBA) May 14, 2013 (Topic: TBA) For questions or more information: Laura Abbott        512-919-5207 […]

2012 PBMAS Data Posted in TEASE

PBMAS Data has been posted in TEASE! The confidential (unmasked) 2012 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) report for your district is now available through the Accountability application on the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) web site. These reports are confidential and must be handled as such. Accessing the TEASE Accountability Application Log onto TEASE […]

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