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IDEA MOE eGrants Schedule Clarification

The new IDEA MOE eGrants schedule 6016 states that the amount entered in #1 should be: “expenditures from the most recent year in which complete expenditure data are available and the LEA was in compliance.” For most LEAs, this will be fiscal year 13 (comparing 11-12 to 12-13). Based on clarification from TEA, the amount […]

MOE Update from TCASE

Notes from TEA Speaker: Nora Hancock at TCASE, July 2013 TEA is getting closer to disseminating their understanding of OSEP’s guidance on MOE calculation. TEA is developing: 1. “Interactive Tool” to calculate MOE based on OSEP guidance (The term ‘MOE template’ was not used by Dr. Hancock so unsure if TEA is modifying the familiar template […]

Significant Disproportionality Update

OSEP notified TEA in the fall of 2011 indicating a problem with TEA’s methodology for determining disproportionality for LEAs using State Performance Plan Indicators 9 and 10.  TEA has been using multiple targets and OSEP wants TEA to use a single target.  TEA is working on this adjustment. Using the 2010-2011 data for SPP Indicators […]

Update on Significant Disproportionality

If a local education agency (LEA) is identify as a LEA with significant disproportionality, Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff will notify LEA directors of special education and LEA special education directors will be provided an opportunity to schedule a technical assistance call with TEA.   LEAs identified will receive a letter, report, and methodology and ESCs that have LEAs identified are […]

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