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Substitute System of Time and Effort Reporting Deadline May 15, 2016

For the 2015–2016 school year, TEA established multiple deadlines for LEAs that planned to use the substitute system for all or part of the year to submit the required management certification form. May 15, 2016, is the deadline for LEAs that meet the following criteria to submit the form: Your LEA plans to make the […]

High Cost Fund State Plan: Note Changes Beginning 2015-16

TEA has posted the High Cost Fund State Plan. The plan outlines procedures for LEAs to apply for and receive High Cost Funds (HCF). Definition of HCF student: Services in IEP exceed the typical needs of a child with disability thus creating financial impact on LEA (more than three times the Texas average per pupil […]

Substitute System of Federal Time and Effort Reporting

The Texas Education Agency has posted guidance on the use of a substitute system for federal time and effort reporting under the new EDGAR regulations.  LEAs (districts and charters) may request approval to use the substitute system, allowing for semi-annual certification for employees working on more than one federal grant.  For more information, see the […]

List of LEAs Approved to Use Substitute System of Time and Effort

The Division of Grants Administration Has Posted a List of LEAs Approved as of July 19, 2013 to Use the Substitute System of Time and Effort As described in a May 14, 2013, letter posted to the TEA Correspondence page, LEAs interested in implementing the substitute system of federal time-and-effort reporting for the 2013–2014 school year must […]

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