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IMA Certification and Access to EMAT

Superintendent approval of EMAT/EVI Access (New Process)


quoted from http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index4.aspx?id=2147505632

EMAT access is another important responsibility that will need to be carefully considered. The superintendent of each district or open-enrollment charter school will continue to verify the roles of personnel currently in the EMAT system.  However, new changes to the EMAT access roles have been created.  The EMAT system now allows for two different roles – ‘ordering’ access and ‘view only’ access.  The superintendent of each district or open-enrollment charter school will be able to assign these roles through their TEASE account. District personnel assigned to these roles will have the capability for ordering and reviewing both regular instructional materials and special instructional materials which include Braille, large type and audio. These roles are described as follows:

EMAT/EVI ordering access

Primary responsibility will be to submit requisitions and disbursement requests for regular and special instructional materials through EMAT. Districts may choose to assign two individuals with ordering access to manage the regular and special instructional materials separately.

District View Only access

This district member will have view only access to view orders and reports in the EMAT system.  The superintendent may consider assigning this role to the appropriate district staff such as the curriculum director and/or business manager.

*Note – Districts and open-enrollment charter schools may only assign two staff per role.

The existing Textbook Coordinator role will be changed to EMAT/EVI Ordering Access and the existing Alternate Textbook Coordinator role will be changed to EMAT/EVI Ordering Access. Superintendents will not need to submit a request for existing EMAT textbook coordinators. Their roles will automatically be converted.  Instructions for assigning other staff or assigning staff for ‘view only’ access are located at


You may wish to form an Instructional Materials Allotment team to plan and determine the appropriate utilization of your Instructional Materials Allotment.  This team could include campus principal(s), business office staff, curriculum director, bilingual/ESL coordinator, teachers, technology coordinator, and textbook coordinator.

For further assistance with your IMA TEKS Certification or Access to EMAT, please contact the Instructional Materials and Educational Technology division at (512) 463-9601 or email at instructional.materials@tea.state.tx.us.

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