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New Process for Acquiring Instructional Materials

Instructional materials and disbursements will be requested by districts through the Educational Materials System (EMAT). Districts will request State Board of Education-adopted materials and Commissioner-adopted materials through EMAT, and the instructional materials allotment will be reduced by the value of the requested materials. Disbursement of funds for instructional materials not on an adopted list, technological equipment and technology-related services will also be requested by a district through EMAT and the instructional materials allotment will be reduced by the amount of the disbursements.


The amount of the allotment for each district is provided for school years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. Districts need to carefully consider all allowable uses for the district’s allotment and budget the money over the two-year period.

Districts will also no longer be eligible to earn textbook credits. Textbook credits that were earned from previous years will be added to a district’s allotment.


New legislation also transfers ownership of instructional materials from the state to the local district. Additional information is forthcoming regarding changes to district responsibilities for these instructional materials.

Note: Instructional materials for the visually impaired (braille, large type and audio) remain the property of the state and will not be counted against a district’s instructional materials allotment. Braille, large type and audio materials will continue to be requested in EMAT and returned to the redistribution center in the same manner as they have in the past.

Districts are responsible for purchasing bilingual/ESL materials with the district’s instructional materials allotment or otherwise acquire instructional materials for use in bilingual education classes. The commissioner will adopt rules regarding the purchase of bilingual/ESL instructional materials.


Prerequisites for School Year 2011-12

Districts will be required to complete the following prerequisites for school year 2011-2012:

• Submission of a Local Board of Trustees Certification form;

• Confirmation of contacts and addresses in EMAT; and

• Entry in EMAT of shipment dates and dates when district staff will not be available to receive shipments.


Allowable Uses for District’s Instructional Materials Allotment

Instructional Materials

• New Instructional Materials under Proclamation 2011

• Bilingual/ESL Materials

• English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)

• Midcycle Instructional Materials

• Consumables

• Commissioner’s List of Electronic Textbooks

• Instructional materials not on an adopted list


Districts may also use their allotment to acquire technological equipment and technology-related services. This includes training educational personnel directly involved in the appropriate use of instructional materials and access to technological equipment for instructional use.

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