STAAR – Initial Pass Rates/Cut Scores

  1. 1.       What will be the cut scores for STAAR?
  2. 2.       Where do our students stand after the field tests?
  3. 3.       Where can I get more information?

Performance Labels: There will be two cut scores, which will identify three performance categories for the general STAAR assessments. (Cut scores/passing rates have yet to be determined.) The labels for the performance categories are:

Level III: Advanced Academic Performance

Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance

Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance

2010 Field Test Results

For more information (50% pass rates to 90% pass rates)

**Click on the table to enlarge and view the data

Visit TEA’s STAAR webpage for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions


Dr. Jennifer L. Stotts, STEM Educational Consultant, CEO of AstrumAzul Enterprises

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