Memorization is what we resort to when what we are learning makes no sense. — Anonymous


If you are receiving this blog then you probably work in STEM Education.  Recently, a friend of mine at the KIPP STEM School in Houston introduced me to a new acronym coined by Dr. Kenneth Wesson. His presentation for the International Center for Leadership in Education includes his new acronym– S.T2.R.E.A.M. ST2REAM stands for Science, Technology & Thematic Interdisciplinary Instruction for Student Learning, Reading/Language Arts, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. (I’m not sure what happened to social studies :-).


Anyway, Dr. Wesson’s power point has some really interesting material.  Be sure and view slide #17 for the Rand Corporations Futuristic View of a home computer. Not sure the circa of this prediction, but LOL!


For 30 Ways to Improve Your Memory by Dr. Kenneth Wesson, please visit


For Free Downloadable Power Points from the International Center for Leadership in Education MS Conference 2011 please visit  Dr. Wesson’s power point is #19 on the list “Brain-STEM: A S.T.R.E.A.M. Model for Learning”



Dr. Jennifer L. Stotts, STEM Educational Consultant, CEO of AstrumAzul Enterprises

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